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Summer Camp Party Theme

Go ahead, be a kid again.

About the Theme

Ah, summer camp. Back-to-back sleepovers, outdoor shenanigans, craft projects that tap into the corners of your imagination—this nostalgia is the perfect recipe for a party theme. Put together a few throwback camp activities from your childhood to complete the scene. Think: trust falls, capture the flag, and arts and crafts like beaded friendship necklaces.

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Venue Settings


Outdoor shenanigans are a must, don’t even think about grown-up luxuries like air conditioning.

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Acoustic Band

Fireside singalongs are the cornerstone of any memorable camping experience. Hire a live band to get the tunes flowing with crowd-pleasing covers that get everyone swaying together and harmonizing.

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Keep the food casual with camp classics like hamburgers, hot dogs, corn and veggies.

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Embrace the messiness that comes along with this childhood favorite—that’s what this party theme is all about. Focus on being young and carefree, and leave those trivial adult responsibilities, like proper napkin usage, behind.

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Spiked Lemonade

Designate a signature sip that’s a grown-up version of a childhood favorite, like lemonade. The great thing about this drink is it can be made in bulk as a party punch and served in a drink dispenser—no bartender needed.

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Creative Detail


The pièce de résistance to this theme is the bonfire. Of course, we already recommended s’mores, so you may have guessed this was coming. If you don’t have the proper setting for a real bonfire, opt for small tabletop ethanol burners.

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