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Modern Disco Party Theme

Give disco a modern makeover.

About the Theme

Is it possible to have a chic disco without the ‘70s-themed undertone? Yes, yes it is. With glitzy décor details, lush floral arrangements and creative food concepts, you can bring disco into the modern era—without losing any of the spunk.

Pick a bold color scheme and run with it. Go for uplighting, tassel garlands and luxe table linens to make it stand out and anchor the event. Supplement with metallic accents (hello, disco balls) and add candles to round out the nighttime aesthetic.

OCCASION: Birthday

VIBE: Urban


Venue Settings


Chose a venue that has plenty of room for dancing and mingling alike. Lofts are a great option because of their open floor plans and general blank canvas-like structure that can accomodate all different types of setups and decorations.

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Hiring a professional DJ means they’ll have the know-how to set up the right equipment and make sure the sound systems are ready to go. Let the DJ know what your party theme is ahead of time, that way they can start thinking of a track lineup to complement it. Throw back classics like “Dancing Queen,” “Stayin’ Alive,” “I Will Survive” and “The Hustle" are classic crowd pleasers.

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Instead of a seated meal or heavy main course that would take the attention away from the dance floor, serve multiple courses of passed appetizers. Have fun with mini grilled cheeses and sliders, one-bite cupcakes and cookies with shooters of milk.

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Use champagne as a moment to further your color scheme. Choose a flavored simple syrup that’s tinted the same hue as your color scheme, like pomegranate for a purple palette. Garnish with a fresh sprig of mint or rosemary to elevate the presentation.

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Creative Detail

Floral Arrangements

Set your modern disco apart from old school versions with lavish blooms. If your budget is tight, don’t worry, a few strategically-placed floral arrangements go a long way. Set one or two by the entrance, one on the bar, and a couple in the bathrooms. (Yes, the bathrooms—they’re often overlooked but could usually use some love.)

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