Royal Baby Shower Party Theme

Queen Elizabeth? Funny seeing you here.

About the Theme

A royal baby shower is the perfect theme to celebrate the arrival of a little prince or princess. Lush florals, endless sweet treats and a whole lot of regal accents bring this theme together. If the baby’s gender has already been announced, pick a light blue or pink to anchor the color palette, then supplement with gold accents (like crowns, of course!).

Give this royal party a victorian vibe with entertainment dressed as 1800s royalty. Think: grand ball gowns, tall powdered wigs and jewelry with gems big enough to stop traffic.

OCCASION: Baby Shower

VIBE: Glamorous


Venue Settings


A grand setting is the only suitable party space for this theme. The architecture and large square footage of a ballroom will lend a regal vibe to the celebration.



Live music can set the tone for an elegant affair as soon as guests arrive. Hire a cellist to serenade guests with classical music for the first 30 minutes or so while greetings are being exchanged, then switch up the tempo to pop hits or oldies to complement different activities, from dining to opening gifts.

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Dessert Bar

Spoil guests with a variety of decadent sweets: cupcakes with mini crowns, sparkling cake pops, macarons, brownies... the more desserts, the better!

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There’s no better sip to celebrate with than bubbles. If the gender of the baby has already been revealed, tint the color of the champagne to blue or pink. A hibiscus simple-syrup will make the champagne a rosy-pink for a girl, or use a few drops of blue Curaçao for a boy.

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Creative Detail

Baby Shower Cake

The cornerstone of any celebration: cake! A magnificent gold cake topped with a crown is the perfect way to round out the royal theme.

Creative Detail

Baby Shower Games

A few games are the perfect way to break the ice:

Baby Name Race: Players have to list one baby name for each letter of the alphebet.

Parental Pop-Quiz: Create a test with questions about the parents-to-be; players will test their knowledge to see who knows them the best.

What's In Your Purse?: Print a list of items that might be found in a diaper bag and give each item a corresponding point value; players search their own bags and pockets to see who has the most items on the list.

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