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Old Hollywood Party Theme

Get inspired by vintage Hollywood.

About the Theme

The glitz and glamour of old Hollywood provides more than enough party inspiration. First and foremost, pick a decade to inform the style of your event and source a few vintage pieces to help round out the décor. Deck out your space with mood lighting, with string lights or candles, and throw in plenty of metallic accents.

If you’re up for a little DIY project, you can set the scene right from the get-go with a Walk of Fame stars entrance into your party: trace large stars onto a roll of craft paper, pick the biggest celebrities from your selected decade and write their names onto the stars. Line your entrance with this faux Hollywood Boulevard attraction.

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Marilyn Monroe Impersonator

Hire an impersonator who can imitate one of Hollywood’s most famous starlets: Marilyn Monroe. A professional impersonator has charm to boot and can engage an entire crowd, not to mention this performance will bring a whole new level of authenticity to your theme.

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Dazzle guests with a master of the ivory keys. A live pianist can tap into the tunes of yesterday

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Cheese and Charcuterie Table

Make sure the food suits the theme. Elevate your finger foods presentation with florals, signage that has suggested drink pairings next to each item and elegant serveware. Most importantly, nix any toothpicks.

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For an air of old-world elegance, serve bubbly in coupes rather than champagne flutes. If you want to kick the presentation up a notch, arrange coupes into a champagne tower.

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Themed Costumes

Once you’ve decided on which era of old Hollywood is best suited to your event, make it clear on the invitations and suggest a black tie dress code with a vintage twist.

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