Oregon Trail party themed inspiration and ideas

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Oregon Trail Party Theme

Westward ho!

About the Theme

Give your next party an interactive spin: Head out west and see who survives the Oregon Trail. This party is more or less a vintage Western theme that pays homage to the famed ’90s computer game, The Oregon Trail. Tell guests to come dressed in their chosen occupation (the game offered eight "job" choices: banker, doctor, merchant, blacksmith, carpenter, saddlemaker, farmer or teacher) and to prepare themselves for the adventure ahead.

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Venue Settings

Outdoor Bar

This is an outdoor journey, no indoor repreve allowed.



A caricaturist can provide a funny twist on old Western “wanted” posters.

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Jac & Jules


Pickled Crudités

Maybe the pioneers didn’t have anything as fancy sounding as “crudités” but they did have to make a real effort to preserve their food.

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Coffee Cocktails

Caffeine was necessary to get from point A to B (aka from Missouri to Oregon). Making coffee over a fire was a trail staple.

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Creative Detail

‘Oregon Trail’ Game Cues

Plant a few rounds of game cues throughout the evening. Write out the fates that befell the characters in the video game, and add in your own original events. Guests can pick out of a hat, and by the end of the night there will be a select few survivors.

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