Pirates and Mermaids party themed inspiration and ideas

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Pirates and Mermaids Party Theme

BYOB (bring your own booty).

About the Theme

If you’re looking for a fun summertime party theme to bring everyone together, we recommend this quirky pirate and mermaid duo. Assigning a costume party theme that only has two options for dress code has multiple pros. For example, guests don’t have to stress about coming up with their own idea, people can laugh at all the different attempts to pull off either a pirate or mermaid ensemble, and as the party host, you can provide a couple cheap props that fit into either camp for guests who forgot to dress the part.

To imitate an oceanic setting, either fill the ceiling with blue balloons or construct a balloon wall. Add rows of green twisted streamer paper along the lower third of the wall to look like seaweed.

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Venue Settings

Outdoor Bar

Being outdoors for this theme is essential. If you can swing an outdoor bar that’s waterside or has a pool, even better.



Live music is more engaging than a plug-and-play playlist, and you won’t have to worry about your festival friends attempting a speaker takeover.

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Raw Bar

Serve up fresh seafood with a raw bar presentation. Opt for shrimp, crab and different types of oysters, accompanied by dipping sauces that range from garlic butter to a tangy mignonette.

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Blue Lagoon

This blue Curaçao beverage fits in perfectly with the under-the-sea surroundings. Add a couple Swedish Fish for garnish.

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Creative Detail

Treasure Map Décor

No pirate party is complete without treasure. Incorporate a loose treasure map design into your invitations, add “X marks the spot” labels to different areas of your party that hold special treats, and decorate tables with chocolate gold coins.

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