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Silent Disco Speakeasy Party Theme

No one will hear this party coming.

About the Theme

If you see no party, and hear no party, then there’s probably no party to be found, right? Wrong. Always consider the possibility of a secret prohibition-style silent disco happening.

Invite guests to a “members only” event, with clear house rules that totally respect the laws of prohibition: no foul language, no gambling, no bootleg. (Winky face.) The key to this party is making everything—we mean everything—incognito.

VIBE: Vibrant

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Venue Settings


First priority: make sure there’s plenty of room to dance. To give guests the feel of a speakeasy include a secret door code on the invitation. To really go all out, cover a few windows with drapery or tape newspapers to give the party space an air of mystery.

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This whole party is all about the music. Each “radio station” is tuned into a DJ spinning beats, and playing their style of music. We recommend hiring two or three DJs to ensure a wide variety of music that everyone can get down to.

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Raw Bar

Partying during the prohibition was about indulging. Serve up a lavish, unexpected appetizer, like oysters Rockefeller, made with garlic, breadcrumbs, and loads of butter. A decadent appetizer that's so rich it was named after John D. Rockefeller, one of the richest people in the world (for the time).

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To call this a classic would be underselling it. As long as there’s been cocktails the old fashioned has been around. The name “old-fashioned” stuck after prohibition, and comes from people requesting a cocktail to be made the "old-fashioned" way. Serve cocktails in pre-measured bottles labeled with nicknames—just in case the fuzz stop by.

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Creative Detail

Accent Lighting

Set the scene with the right amount of lighting. An “underground” party isn’t the place for bright disco balls or string lights, so opt for candlelight accents instead.

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Creative Detail

Silent Disco Headphones

For quiet clubbing, you need the right equipment. Look into rentals in your area—buying sets of high-quality wireless headphones will run you a pretty penny. Make sure to ask about the essentials: battery life, number of available channels to stream and transmitting distance.

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