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Safari Party Theme

Round up all your party animals for a safari-inspired celebration.

About the Theme

Take a walk on the wild side with a safari-themed party. Incorporate animal and tribal prints into the décor and supplement with accessories that a true explorer would need, like maps, binoculars and compasses.

Create a faux safari lounge by overlapping rugs on the floor and hanging mosquito netting overhead. Polish off the party theme with exotic floral arrangements made with breezy grasses and different types of fanned leaf varieties.

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Venue Settings


Take your guests on a wild safari right in your local park. The fresh air, beating sun and surrounding trees naturally add to the ambience you’ll need. Keep in mind, most public parks require a permit for an event, so plan in advance.

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Party Animal Rental

Lend a bit of authenticity to this party theme by hiring actual party animals. A professional animal handler can set up an exotic animal show or petting zoo, giving guests a faux-safari experience.

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Dried Fruit and Nuts

Present guests with an authentic safari snack like a mix of dried fruits and nuts. Go for a variety of sweet and tangy: dried apricots, mango, dates and banana chips, with almonds, cashews, macadamia and pistachio. Just be mindful of allergies and label all items.

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Dawa Cocktails

The Dawa is a classic Kenyan cocktail made with a vodka base, sweetened with honey, flavored with lime and poured over ice. It’s the perfect drink to offer some refreshment on a hot day.

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Creative Detail

Outback Sun Hats

Party in style with outback sun hats. This party favor will make everyone look like a professional explorer, plus it provides protection from the sun during your outdoor event.

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