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Garden Party Theme

Surround your event with beautiful fresh blooms.

About the Theme

Perfect for a birthday brunch or baby shower, turn your next event into a fresh alfresco celebration. Garden parties are typically laid back and casual, but with the addition of cocktail attire, they can easily be elevated into a dressy afternoon of style and champagne. The best part about selecting this theme is the setting does most of the décor work for you, but it doesn’t hurt to place small floral arrangements on tablescapes and next to the bar.

OCCASION: Bridal Shower

VIBE: Preppy


Venue Settings


There are few places that rival the charm of an outdoor garden, especially if there are water fixtures involved. The sprawling rows of flowers and vines, the colorful palette of petals, songbirds flying overhead—need we say more?

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Acoustic Band

Out of all the details that help set the tone (like lighting, color palettes and decorations), music is your most powerful tool. Hire a live acoustic band to breathe some pep into your party. Professional musicians are great at reading crowds, so they know exactly when to pick up the tempo and when to fade into the background.

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Finger Sandwiches

Unless you’re planning a seated meal, look to fancy finger foods that are easy to eat with one hand while holding a glass of wine in the other.

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Rose Wine

Not only will glasses of pink vino blend in perfectly with surrounding florals, rosé is also an ideal wine to served chilled in an outdoor setting. If you want to really impress your guests, make rosé ice cubes ahead of time with fresh fruit frozen inside, and drop a few of them into each glass before serving.

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Creative Detail

Floral Arrangements

This is a given, but you'll need some blooms for a little bit of garden flavor. If your garden party has an afternoon tea spin, arrange single buds in small teacups or cream and sugar containers, and fill teapots with larger, statement-making arrangements.

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Creative Detail

Party Favor

Send guests home with something to add to their own garden. Think: a potted succulent, pack of seeds or small sapling.

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