'The Simpsons' Baby Shower Party Theme

You're invited to a BBBQ.

About the Theme

Your baby shower should be a reflection of your style and personality. Some showers are formal and elegant, while others are casual with boho flair. And sometimes it’s a laugh-fest complete with a customized Cards Against Humanity game that depicts the less glamorous side of parenting. If you’re a laugh-fest type of person, this Simpsons shower theme is right up your alley. Playing off Homer’s BYOBB BBQ party invitations, invite guests to a barbecue celebration to get the fun started.


OCCASION: Baby Shower

VIBE: Lighthearted


Venue Settings


If you can't celebrate at Moe's Tavern, host at your own neighborhood watering hole instead.

Maia Eli; Unsplash


Photo Booth

Why not take advantage of all of your nearest and dearest being together in one room with a photo booth? Photo booths make it a breeze to get a snap with each guest, and being goofy in a photo is a great icebreaker for guests who are getting to know each other.

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Of course for a BBQ you’ll need some BBQ, but there’s no shortage of food puns to play with for a Simpsons shower theme. In addition to sliders and hamburgers, add in Fluffer Nutters sandwiches (and Hi-C), “Flanders Style” nachos, doughnut pops, and just to top it off, 64 slices of American cheese.

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Signature Cocktail

Large-batch cocktails make it easy for everyone to serve themselves. Or, prepare a couple non-alcoholic drinks like punch and iced tea with a few liquor options on the side for guests to mix themselves.

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Creative Detail

Baby Shower Cake

Is sleep deprivation from a new baby the equivalent of sleep deprivation via a clown bed? You be the judge.

Creative Detail

Baby Shower Games

Traditional baby shower games for this shower just won’t do. How about a custom round of Cards Against Humanity? Here’s how you play: Every guest gets a few cards when they arrive (tell them to put their initials on the back of their cards), and drop one each into envelopes that have a fill-in-the-blank prompt. The funniest answer wins!

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