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Dr. Seuss Baby Shower Party Theme

Baby is coming, it’s oh so near! Time to get this shower in gear.


Dr. Seuss penned more than 50 loveable children's books, from classics like ‘Hop on Pop’ to endeering tales like ‘Oh, The Places You’ll Go.’ Pick your favorite Seuss story to inspire your shower theme, or celebrate the entire collection.

Weave your own rhymes into the shower decorations and stationery, starting with the invitations. Introduce the theme to your guests on the invite with a short rhyming phrase. If you can't think of anything, here's a little starting point:

Have you heard? Have you gotten word? The baby is almost here, the time is oh so near!

OCCASION: Baby Shower

VIBE: Eclectic

SIMILAR THEMES: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Venue Settings


Hosting at a venue means you won’t have to be held liable for pre- and post-party cleanup. Pick a space that has plenty of seating and a few light menu items that could be bundled in with the rental, like a cafe.



When distant friends and family are coming together in the same room there’s bound to be an ice-breaker period of getting reacquainted or meeting for the first time. A little bit of entertainment goes a long way in this type of social situation, like live music to keep the entergy up.



Have fun with the menu! There are plenty of opportunities for wordplay within the many Dr. Seuss books, like ham sandwiches and green deviled eggs.



Opt for a signature cocktail and a mocktail, named Thing #1 and Thing #2. Having a non-alcoholic option means anyone who isn’t having alcohol can still enjoy a tasty sip.

Creative Detail


“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened!” ...and smile because when the shower is over, you’ll get this cute thank-you gift!

Creative Detail


Consider the baby shower cake to be the big finale for your theme. It’s a great opportunity to play with colors and designs, and it can even be used to reveal the gender.

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