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Best Gifts for Father's Day 2019

Grace Peisker


Father’s Day has snuck up on us again, and this summer, fruitless gift research has yielded lists of borderline alpha male-driven results. Sure, dads may enjoy things like gourmet beef jerky/extreme outdoor camping gear/expensive electric screwdrivers (?), but if that’s not his jam, it’s hard to find a gift that is both touching and fatherly. It wouldn’t hurt to buy something he needed either.

Maybe you’re looking for a gift for the longtime dad, who insists that he doesn’t need anything. Maybe you’re looking for a perfect first Father’s Day gift, something sweet that signifies an important milestone. Whether he’s a green tea or beer drinker, a camper or a memory foam mattress guru, whether their habits are almost too practical or outlandishly adventurous, this Father’s Day gift list is as dynamic as a dad can be.

If you feel like you don’t thank him enough for his over-the-phone lectures, home remedies, household fixes and work ethic, now is the time to say it. No matter how rough his exterior may be, these gifts will be sure to hit him in the soft spot.

1. A Woodworking Starter Set

For the crafty dad who has expressed interest in starting a new hobby, help him embrace his inner Ron Swanson with this beginners carving set. Expect to see a wood-carved duckling gifted back to you this holiday season.

Flexcut Carving Tools Deluxe Starter Carving Set, $160, WoodWorkingShop.com

2. Personalized Leather Portfolio

This one is for the workaholic dad—the one who’s explained his job a few times but you still can’t catch on. He’ll look professional bringing this from meeting to meeting while still being reminded of his favorite kid: you.

Personalization Mall Executive tan leather personalized portfolio, $49, PersonalizationMall.com

3. BYO (Brew Your Own) Beer Kit

Whether your dad is a beer aficionado or just likes to kick back with a drink, this easy step-by-step set will help him craft something he will definitely make you try. It’s a two person job, so get your sleeves rolled up.

Williams Sonoma IPA Beer Making Kit, $40, Williams-Sonoma.com

4. Bleachers Chair

This is for the sports dad, or the father of a sports kid. This traveling chair is perfect for long games, rain or shine. With a padded seat and back support, he won’t need any heating packs the next day. Plus it comes with a convenient pocket perfect for drinks, sunscreen, and rain ponchos.

Sheenive Stadium Seats For Bleacher, $38, Amazon.com

5. Leather Wallet

The only thing that’s stuck around longer than you is your dad’s wallet. That thing has for sure been sitting in his back pocket since before you were born, right? Get him a new leather wallet that will last him another twenty years.

BOCONI 'Grant' RFID Blocker Leather Trifold Wallet, $78, Nordstrom.com

6. Pizza Stone

A pizza stone is perfect for the dad that loves to cook. Yes, he will make pizzas constantly now and they will all be some variation of “meat lovers.” But look at that even, browned crust!

Williams Sonoma Pizza Stone with Frame, $60,Williams-Sonoma.com

7. Moleskine Digital Notebook

Does your dad ever pull out a wild story like a rabbit out of a hat, with a deadpan expression? This is a classic dad move. Also a classic—the midlife crisis, book-writing phase. Gift him this paper-to-screen notebook for him to jot down all memoir-worthy anecdotes, sci-fi book ideas and movie scripts.

Moleskine Paper Tablet 1, $30, Moleskine.com

8. Personalized Golf Balls

This gift is a hole in one. Print anything you want on these: his initials, the family name or a picture of your face.

Zazzle Custom Business Company Logo Golf Balls, $16, Zazzle.com

9. Coffee Subscription

While he may not know exactly what rise and grind means, this is for the dad that does it every day. This coffee subscription box has plans starting at just $13 per delivery.

Moustache Coffee Club Gift Subscription for Coffee Lovers, Starting at $26, MoustacheCoffeeClub.com

10. Garage Peg Board

Upgrade his work station with this pegboard organizer. It also comes with shelves and containers for all the tools he tried to teach you about.

Wall Control Pegboard Organizer, $108, Amazon.com

11. Shoulder Compress

While our dads love to put on a thick facade against pain, this microwavable heating pad with aromatherapy will alleviate any muscle tension and ache so no facade is needed at all. Bonus: It’s lilac scented for ultimate relaxation.

Sharper Image, Neck and Shoulder Wrap Pillow, $30, Amazon.com

12. Personalized Story Book

For the new dad! Congratulations. This is a reminder to both father and child that dads are special because they protect, teach and play with their children. This Father’s Day gift is memorable and surely something he’ll keep around for a long time.

Put Me in the Story My Dad Loves Me Storybook, starting at $25, PutMeInTheStory.com

13. Noise Cancelling Headphones

For all the times dad can’t stand today’s “pop music garbage.” With these headphones, he’ll be able to transport himself back to the heydey of classic rock, smooth jazz, ‘90s alternative or anything in between.

Cowin E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, $60, Amazon.com

14. Bluetooth Chips

How many times have you had to wait in the car while dad is in the house looking for his phone? If he’s prone to losing his keys, sunglasses, wallet or anything else, this technology might be worth introducing. These bluetooth chips attach to virtually anything and will ring at the push of a button.

Chipolo Chipolo Classic, 4 for $75, Chipolo.net

15. Star Wars Socks

Cater to his inner-nerd with these Han and Chewie socks. They’ll be great to wear under a pair of nice slacks, on Saturday mornings with slippers or *shudder* sandals.

Stance Kessel Run Socks, $20, Stance.com

16. Americana Seasoning Rub

Whether dad is patriotic or just watches a lot of the History channel, this Mount Rubs-More seasoning rub will be perfect for Fourth of July BBQs and weeknight grilling alike.

Man Crates Mount Rubs-More All American Seasoning, $30, ManCrates.com

17. Sports Duffle

These high-quality Herschel duffles are made even better by classic team logos and a vintage aesthetic. You could also consider a backpack or tote bag for efficient Father’s Day gifting.

Herschel Novel Duffle, $110, Herschel.com

And finally, While we're at it, here are some Father's Day Cards!

Paper Source Rarest of Them All Card, $5, PaperSource.com

WaterStreetDesign Dog Father’s Day Card, $4, Etsy.com

Atiliay Stepdad Card, $5, Etsy.com

Published on 8/30/2019