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Summer Cookout Menu and Entertainment Ideas

Drew Stoga


Summer Cookout – just the words alone are enough to get our stomachs growling.  Friends have been coming together to cook over open flames since the days of the great chef Fred Flintstone. Grill-masters are getting more creative than ever these days and we have found some great grilling resources and party ideas to make sure that your summer cookout is a sure fire success.

While most of us recognize grilling as a summer sport, here are some winter grilling tips for the impatient. For the meat lover in your family, you will want to check out AmazingRibs.com, where you can spend an entire afternoon scrolling through tantalizing recipes and techniques.  Just remember, vegetarians are people too.  Here are a few great vegetarian recipes for your summer cookout.  For those pesky pescatarians – try the Grill Grrrl’s Seared Peppercorn Encrusted Tuna Steaks. Epicurious.com is always a great cooking resource and if you are a grill novice, this article would be a great place to start. Once your menu is set, it’s time to book your live entertainment.  Step your barbecue up a notch by hiring your own live band, solo musician or entertainer.

Don’t be afraid to get creative and specific with your entertainment.  If you are going with jerk chicken, consider hiring a steel drummerSerious Eats’ grilled pizza would match up nicely with an Italian band or singer.  And bluegrass, well, bluesgrass goes well with all things barbecue.

Have any great recipes of your own or any summer cookout party ideas to share?  Let us know by leaving a comment below. Happy grilling!