How to Choose a DJ



My personal DJ experience does not range much farther than the GigMasters main office floor.  While at my desk, I often take on the responsibility of choosing songs on Pandora Radio or YouTube as the background to our workday.

While I do take requests from coworkers, the song choices usually fall on me.  I've learned that starting a Monday off with too much emotional rock can easily set the wrong tone - and only the funkiest of jams can be played to liven up Friday afternoons. That's why I give credit to the real DJs.

Song choice and order are pivotal to one's surroundings, especially at a party, club, or on a radio station.  Careful attention to the mix of songs played and how they blend together is an impressive skill. If you have visited our DJ page, then you've noticed how many different options you have when it comes to hiring this type of entertainment.  GigMasters features Club DJs, Emcees, House DJs, Karaoke Performers, Latin DJs, Mobile DJs, Party DJs, Radio DJs, and Wedding DJs.

Having trouble understanding the differences among them? Here's a quick guide:
Club DJs - Think: "I just want to dance."  Club DJs will be playing the most popular songs mixed with dance beats to keep the energy up.
Emcee - Worried about how to move guests along from a cocktail hour to the wedding reception, or when to give speeches to the newlyweds?  A Master of Ceremonies is practiced in making announcements, and a DJ with a magnetic personality.
House DJs - Picture fist pumping and electronic beats.  House music is multicolored, non-stop dance music.
Karaoke "KJs" - DJs who offer Karaoke are a great addition to any celebration.  Bars and restaurants should offer guests the chance to sing "Paradise By the Dashboard Light" at least once a week.
Latin DJs - These DJs will have the widest selection of Salsa, Merengue, and Reggaeton music.
Mobile DJs - Self-sufficient and able to provide all of their own equipment.  These types of DJs are great for events at all types of venues, even outdoors.
Party DJs - The goal is to make the party a success.  These DJs know what songs are best, from slow dancing to group dancing.
Radio DJs - If by some chance Delilah isn't syndicated in your area, you can find these on-air personalities to play music and communicate with listeners.
Wedding DJs - Liven up a reception with the songs that you want to hear.  A professional Wedding DJ will be sure to set the mood with the music you choose for this special day.

What all of these DJs have in common are energy, flexibility, professionalism, and an intuitive knowledge of music.  David Bowie said it best in his song titled "DJ": "I am a DJ, I am what I play."