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Real Event: Sex and the City Themed Birthday

Lindsay Megale


Sex and the City was a hit show for over a decade. The recent successful Sex and the City movies have helped keep this TV series relevant. GigMasters’ client, Kendra, has been a huge fan for years. She particularly likes the second Sex and the City movie – she says the show reminds her of her own life. That’s why she decided to make her birthday celebration Sex and the City themed party that she named “25 in the City!”


This year, Kendra wasn’t just celebrating her 25th birthday – also wanted the party to commemorate her many accomplishments. “This party is more of a celebration of my life,” said Kendra. She shared that she has been married for almost 5 years, is about to graduate college, and has a beautiful daughter, Layla. Her birthday gave her a great reason to get together with all of her friends and family.


The party was held at The Polish American Community Center located in New Jersey. The 25 in the City bash took place in the Pine Room which included a great dance floor in the middle room. The location was perfect for her many guests and the party theme. The room was decorated based on different aspects of Sex and the City including elements from both - the show and movies. Kendra put together a color scheme that was inspired by the movie memorabilia. It consisted of black, hot pink, and purple, with silver accents.


Kendra hired GigMasters’ members Caricatoonist, (also known as Jon and Trish) to draw caricatures of the guests at the party. “With a NYC theme I wanted to add a little extra dazzle? I remembered every time I traveled to NYC I would find caricaturists that lined the street wanting to sketch you and a friend,” said Kendra. alt


Kendra discussed her theme with Jon so he could make a custom caricature background specifically for her party. Jon shared some details regarding his custom caricatures. “Themes can be special to a party or chosen from a special chart that I created. This personalizes the cartoon portrait for each person. The theme chart is my own invention, and I created many years ago. It has evolved and is expanding based on the interest and the themes that people have for their parties,” explained Jon. For Kendra’s 25th birthday party, Jon pre-made the background art of the New York City skyline with the words Sex and the City to look as if they were a sidewalk. “It’s all about creating art,” added Jon.


Kendra created a “favor bar” consisting of about 20 decorative glasses filled with different gifts and trinkets that matched the personalities of the characters from the show. Guests were allowed to, “Make a favor bag that fits your characters personality!” The jars were organized into sections with a picture frame identifying each of the five characters, Mr. Big, Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte. Each section also included a brief description of the character.

Kendra described Samantha as, outgoing, kinky, independent, and free spirited.” The items in her section included Kinky Liquor (a fruity alcoholic drink), mini massagers, UV Coconut vodka, mini shave gels and razors, and other items that a sexy woman would use to keep “sexy.” Carrie was described as a writer, co-dependent, and a fashionista. Her jars consisted of fancy feather pens, nail polish, lip gloss, fancy bath soaps and sponges.

Miranda, being a lawyer had gifts such as fancy sticky note pads, sleeping masks, and feminine lint rollers. Charlotte, the more reserved character, had gifts such as hair clips, combs, brushes, and body sprays. For the male guests, Mr. Big’s party favors included cigars, axe body spray gift sets, Jack Daniels, razors, domino sets, and energy shots. Small tote bags with coordinating colors were set up next to the favor table for guests to fill with their selected favors.


Guests loved the unique favor set up – they got to leave with a great swag bags to remember Kendra’s fabulous affair. We were happy to hear that the party was a success and Kendra had a great time celebrating her 25th birthday with those near and dear to her.

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