7 Creative Second Baby Shower Ideas

Celebrate the arrival of baby #2 with one of these second baby shower ideas.

Lauren Miolene


A baby shower for a second baby was once thought of as faux pas, marking expectant moms as acting greedy or showy. However, that sentiment has changed as parents, family, and friends want to welcome baby #2 into the world with just as much fanfare and love.

Whether it’s the first, second or fifth pregnancy, the future baby and entire family deserves to be celebrated. You can hold a 2nd baby shower and make it just as special as the first with some of these second baby shower ideas. 

From the shower invitation to the entertainment, the baby shower etiquette can be a bit less strict and more fun and laid back with a second baby shower. 

Pro Tip: Have guests who won’t be able to attend in person? With any of these second baby shower ideas, you can add a virtual aspect and have guests use a fun virtual background.

Here are some creative ideas for a baby shower for a second baby.


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A baby Sprinkle is the classic alternative to a traditional baby shower, particularly if baby #2 is a different gender than the first-born. A Sprinkle is a smaller, lower-key affair, with a guest list typically only involving close friends and family members. 

This more intimate celebration skips the shower games, extended gift-opening process, and other shower standards. A sprinkle shower is one of the most popular events for a second baby shower. 

Some baby sprinkle ideas can include a cute theme, a light meal, some baby gifts, or even a day at the spa to pamper the expectant mom-to-be before the baby arrives.

Mocktail Party

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A mocktail party is a great way to celebrate the mom-to-be while allowing her to feel fully included in the fun drinks! Hire a bartender to craft the mocktails, have a creative themed drink that represents the mom-to-be, add some charcuterie boards, and you’re good to go.

You can also consider hiring a solo musician like an acoustic guitarist or singer to provide background music. 

Sip & See

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A Sip & See happens after the baby is born and is typically hosted by the new parents at their house. Guests are invited to stop by and enjoy some snacks and drinks to sip on as they meet the new baby–see how that works? Sip & Sees are intended to be laid back visits, but you can perk it up with some extras. 

Hire a bartender or a caterer to make this party as easy to host as possible while the new parents are adjusting rather than having an official second baby shower beforehand. To brush up on Sip & See party etiquette, visit Bless Our Littles to learn everything you’ll need to know.

Dinner Party

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Host a sprinkle themed dinner party and invite everyone to this second baby shower. Little brothers and sisters, grandparents, and of course partners of the mom-to-be and friends are all invited. Choose a fun dinner party venue (or host at a home), serve a great meal, and have a fun night celebrating the new arrival.

Crafty Welcome 

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Host a craft-focused party for the new mom-to-be-again. Set up a fun but useful activity for guests to take part in. Find inspiration in the BYOB painting class trend, but trade the canvases for white onesies, and swap cocktails for mocktails (for the guest of honor anyway). The second time mother will walk away with a handful of much-needed onesies and a headful of fun memories for every baby costume change.

Everyone Bring A…

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Avoid the second-shower stink-eye when it comes to gifts by requesting something simple and specific for each guest to bring instead. 

Children’s Book

Start your baby’s library by having each guest bring their favorite childhood book or bedtime story. For inspiration and ideas read this essential book list by i heart arts and crafts. Request that each guest write a letter or note inside the cover of the book for a special and personalized touch.


As the mom-to-be has already experienced with baby #1, you can never have enough clothes for your little one. Stock up on all the essentials including onesies, bibs, and accessories by asking each guest to bring one piece of clothing for baby #2.

Baby Food Recipes

Although convenient, sometimes the pre-made baby food in a jar doesn’t cut it. As a gift for the shower, have each guest bring their favorite baby food recipe. At the end of the party, you can combine all of the cards for the ultimate and customized baby food cookbook!

Gender Reveal Party

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Learning the gender of your baby-to-be is an exciting option for a second baby shower—and more and more couples are adding this to the list of must-do pre-baby activities. It’s a fabulous excuse to gather friends and get excited about your bundle of joy. 

For a successful gender reveal celebration, have the doctor seal your ultrasound results so you can be surprised too. Pass the info off to a trusted friend to set up the big reveal. Get creative with the announcement, this is a big deal! Check out some of our favorite gender reveal ideas below.


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A popular gender reveal favorite is the simple cake cutting. Pass the news of the gender along to your favorite bakery or close friend for them to create a delicious and adorable treat. Use blue or pink frosting or sprinkles to announce to guests the gender of baby #2.

Confetti Poppers

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Not only will popping blue or pink confetti be a fun and special moment for the parents, but it will also make the perfect photo opportunity. Capture the proud parents’ reactions to finding out their baby’s gender with tons of colorful confetti.

Pro Tip: Don’t miss out on this special moment, book a photographer to capture it all.

Paint Splatter

altPhoto: shawnjohnson/instagram

Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson and her husband Andrew East announced their second baby’s gender in one of the most unique ways possible—paint splatter. The parents (and future big sister Drew) wore all white outfits and had friends and family spray them with water guns filled with blue paint to announce their baby boy.

Do you have a baby shower for a second baby?

The growing trend is to put a fresh spin on the standard baby shower for the second (or third, or more!) baby. So technically, you’re not throwing a huge shower, but you’re still allowed to celebrate. The truth is, when it comes to a baby shower for the 2nd baby, the decision is up to you!

Get around tricky etiquette issues by down-playing gifts. Having a registry is kind of a gray area, but guests will bring gifts even if you don’t outright ask for them. If you do opt to register, keep it to the basics–diapers, bottles, blankets, maybe a fresh Diaper Genie–anything a wise, second-time Mom needs to stock up on.

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Published on 6/30/2021