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Top Father Daughter Songs ABOUT Dad!

Marta Block

There's nothing as tear jerking as the father/daughter dance at a wedding. But have you ever noticed how almost all the songs are not actually about Dear Old Dad, but about the bride? In honor of Father's Day this weekend we thought we'd give you 5 Father/Daughter songs that are actually about Dad. Of course, we also give you five father/daughter songs you should probably avoid.... MORE

Posted June 11, 2015

Silver Bells, Meet Wedding Bells: Holiday Wedding Music

Chelsea Pellegrino

With it's joy and excitement, it's no surprise why so many couples opt for a wedding during the holiday season. But while you may be having a winter wedding, chances are you don't want a playlist solely dedicated to holiday tunes. We've created this quick playlist full of seasonal selections. Here are songs that encompass the holiday spirit, without talking about dancing snowmen:... MORE

Posted December 17, 2014

Choosing Your Wedding Music

Marta Block

When my husband and I got engaged we did not have "a song." In fact, we didn't even really like the same types of music. We struggled to find appropriate music for various parts of the ceremony and reception. Some things came together nicely, we walked down the aisle to the Beatles' In My Life, it just fit for us. Some things were a little stranger, our first dance was Stephen Foster's Swanee River, because that was the first song we ever danced to together. I was curious, how do other people decide what makes a great wedding song?... MORE

Posted September 30, 2014

Boho Chic: Bohemian Wedding Playlist

Chelsea Pellegrino

It might be an oxymoron, but vintage bohemian is definitely trending in the wedding world. If you’re incorporating the beautiful boho chic look into your big day, you’ll need an eclectic playlist to match. That's where we come in! Take a look (and listen) below for both wedding ceremony and reception tunes to fit the bohemian vibe.... MORE

Posted September 18, 2014

Top Wedding Songs for 2014

Mary Ellen Skawinski

If you can believe it, 2014 is almost here. That means a new lineup of wedding seasons is almost upon us. So whether you're planning a wintery wedding or summertime ceremony, you're going to want to equip your DJ with a playlist that's guaranteed to get every guest up and on the dance floor. That's why I reached out to DJ Staci Nichols for an inside look at the Top 10 Must Play Songs for 2014 Weddings. Here's what she had to say...... MORE

Posted December 23, 2013

Top 5 Wedding Songs Inspired by Pinterest

Marta Block

As you've hopefully heard, we launched an exciting new Pin & Win contest this week with a prize package worth over $1,000. In honor of the contest, and all the Pinterest loving brides out there we have the Top 5 Wedding Songs inspired by Pinterest, and of course, five you should probably skip.... MORE

Posted July 11, 2012

Top Songs for a Christmas Wedding

Marta Block

People have very strong feelings about Christmas music. There are songs you love and those you hate, and everyone has an opinion about which songs belong in which category. So, putting together a play list for a Christmas wedding can be challenging. Still, we tried. Below you can find the Top 5 songs for a Christmas wedding, and of course, 5 songs you should avoid for a Christmas wedding.... MORE

Posted December 21, 2011

First Dance Songs, the Unexpected Love Song

Roni Shapira Ben-Yoseph

Everyone loves a love song, unfortunately, we all tend to love the same love songs. That's why we're helpfully providing this list of romantic songs off the beaten track, suitable for first dance songs, or just for a little Valentine's Day inspired romance.... MORE

Posted February 09, 2011

Wedding Songs, The New Standards

Marta Block

If you're starting to think about wedding songs, you might be interested in the results of our 2010 survey of brides, grooms, and wedding professionals. While some standard choices are sticking around, there are some interesting new trends slowly taking hold.... MORE

Posted January 15, 2011

Are Your Wedding Songs Clichés? Do You Care?

Marta Block

A few weeks ago we conducted a survey on the most popular and least popular wedding songs of 2010. We asked brides, grooms, and wedding professionals to tell us everything from the first dance to the "do not play" list.... MORE

Posted January 11, 2011