'80s Party Theme

Party hardy, dudes.

About the Theme

Ah, the ’80s. VHS movie rentals, fanny packs, shoulder pads and DJing your own mixtapes—it’s a perfect decade to pull party inspiration from. Instruct your guests to come in their flashiest outfits, ready to cut loose.

VIBE: Funky


Venue Settings


Loft spaces offer plenty of room to accomodate large guest lists, with soaring ceilings and plenty of windows for a dynamic party atmosphere.

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'80s Band

From Def Leppard to Michael Jackson, nothing rounds out an '80s party quite like a live band that can play all the right throwback tunes.

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Deviled Eggs

One of the most “retro” appetizers is, without doubt, deviled eggs. This classic, all-American dish is simple to make and easy to enjoy. (Server tip: Keep them on ice to stay chilled.)

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Slow-cooker recipes like meatballs were a huge hit—and they still are today. Serve up favorites of the past and present, like meatballs or Sloppy Joe sliders.

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Long Island Iced Tea

Ask anyone from Generation X what they think about Long Island Iced Teas. Go ahead, ask. We guarantee they’ll respond with an epic party story from their glory days—courtesy of these potent and popular drinks.

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Creative Detail

Glow Sticks

Deck the halls in neon. That means glow stick necklaces and bracelet accessories for guests, glow stick centerpieces, and any other bright neon lighting you can think of.

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