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'70s Party Theme

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About the Theme

Dance the night away with a ’70s party theme that celebrates all things peace and love. The ’70s saw a lot of technical innovation and political change that influenced social culture, so you have plenty of events to get inspired by: both Apple and Microsoft were founded a couple years apart, disco turned the music scene upside down and fashion was in a league of its own.

Whether you want to slip into your roller skates or boogie the night away to your favorite disco tunes, we have all the inspiration you need to host the most epic ’70s themed party. Our guide includes all the best ’70s theme party ideas to help you turn back the hands of time. Follow our party tips and your guests will feel like they stepped back in time.

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Venue Settings


Some of the most influential parties of the ’70s took place in downtown New York City lofts (think: David Mancuso), and went on to influence nightclubs all over.


Roller rinks are practically still living in the ’70s. Colorful, spacey carpet designs and disco lights? Hello, 1970s! Round up your crew and spend your party spinning around the rink in some vintage roller skates.


The 1970s introduced us to some legendary musicians, from The Rolling Stones and David Bowie to Carly Simon and Diana Ross. Host your ’70s themed party at a dance hall so your guests can let loose and cut a rug to all the best hits from this decade.

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'70s Band

A live band is the best way to bring an authentic '70s feel to your party. Stick to one style, or mix all the popular genres together (think: rock, punk rock, pop and R & B).


Prefer a DJ over a live band? No problem! Hire a DJ who will spin all the best hits from the 1970s. Between all the amazing folk, disco and classic rock songs that came out of this decade, your guests won’t be able to keep themselves off the dance floor.


Sure, you can ask everyone to wear their favorite tie-dye attire, but why not make some while you’re at it? Setting up a tie-dye station is simple, affordable and most importantly, fun. Stock up on some plastic bins, colorful dye and rubber bands. Tell your guests to bring white shirts, blankets, towels or even pillowcases so everyone can tie-dye up a storm. The best part? Everyone will go home with a groovy party favor!

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Cheese Fondue

Fondue had a real moment in the ’70s. It made entertaining a snap, since it doubles as a fun activity for guests and a meal. Serve with a variety of different breads and vegetables.

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Tequila Sunrise

This punch-like cocktail rose to fame after catching the eye of The Rolling Stones, and basically fueling their 1972 tour. Shortly after, The Eagles paid tribute in their own way with their hit entitled—you guessed it—“Tequila Sunrise.”

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Creative Detail

Lava Lamps

Even though they’re called “lamps” these old-school light fixtures are really just to set the mood. They don’t give off much light, but rather, they represent the laid-back and psychedelic-adjacent attitudes of the ’60s and ’70s.


The 1970s were all about promoting peace and love. Be sure to include some peace-sign decorations to really nail this theme.

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Big, bold and bright are the three best words to describe ’70s fashion, and tie-dye may be the most iconic pattern to fit the bill. Instruct guests to come dressed in their best hippie wear and deck out your party with tie-dye color combinations.


If you really want to host a ’70s -theme party that is totally far-out, you’ll need some disco balls and disco lights as decoration. These will set the scene and get everyone in the mood for dancing.


Skate Night Theme

Bust out your roller skates and get ready to hit the rink. Back in the day, the skating rink was one of the grooviest places you could go on a Saturday night. Round up your friends and host a ’70s theme party at your local roller rink.

Disco Theme

The 1970s gave birth to disco fever. And what better way to celebrate it than by hosting a disco party of your own? To master this ’70s theme party idea, you’ll need a dance floor, disco ball and flashing lights. Of course, you’ll need to dress the part, too, which means, jumpsuits, bell-bottoms, platform shoes and all. Add “Disco Inferno,” “Shake Your Groove Thing” and “Last Dance” to your playlist and prepare to get your groove on.

Hippie Theme

The year 1969 was dubbed the Summer of Love, but the 1970s were still feeling the love. Host a flower power-inspired ’70s theme party and give out prizes to the best-dressed hippies. Show up in your own hippie-centric costumed, complete with a flower crown, round sunglasses and peace-sign jewelry.

Classic Rock Band Theme

If you turned on the radio in the 1970s and you were bound to hear Led Zeppelin, The Eagles or The Who blaring through the speakers. After all, classic rock played a big role during the time. Honor these musicians with your own 1970’s classic rock-themed party. Tell your guests to show up dressed as their favorite band members, from Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler to Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks. Of course, you’ll need to play all the best rock songs from this era — bonus points if you play them on a record player.

1970s Movie Marathon Theme

There were some epic flicks released during the 1970s. Travel back in time as you celebrate these iconic films during your ’70s theme party. Set up a projector and round up some of the classics. If you want to go the horror route, showcase the original “The Amityville Horror” and “The Exorcist.” Or project some cult classics like “The Godfather,” “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” and “Jaws.” Pop some popcorn and pretend like you’re at the drive-in!

Use some of our ’70s theme party ideas as inspiration for your next event. Now all you need are some bell-bottoms and some records spinning to party like it’s 1970.