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Sock Hop Party Theme

Dance all night, shoes optional.

About the Theme

Back in the 1950s, the sock hop was the place to see and be seen. These school dances took on a life of their own, thanks to popular dance shows like American Bandstand, which brought new dance moves and popular tunes to the masses every week. Swinging poodle skirts were all the rage, rock-and-roll was coming through almost every speaker system, and a new generation of young adults were ready to burst into the social scene with their own set of rules.

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Venue Settings


A ballroom offers the perfect space to host a sock hop. It has plenty of room for dining, mingling, and most importantly, dancing.

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'50s Band

Rock around the clock with a 50s band. Whether you request pop, doo wop or rock and roll, these bands are guaranteed to make you jitterbug and bunny hop till your feet hurt.

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Elvis Impersonator

Thrill your guests with a special appearance by the King of Rock and Roll. With his famous hip swinging moves, posing for photos and maybe even a song or two, your guests will be entertained all night.

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After all this dancing, your guests will need some carbs to replenish their energy. Back in the day, the diner was the place to go. Provide your own diner food, like sliders, for everyone to fill up on.

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Milkshake Bar

What better drink to wash down diner food with than a milkshake? Offer a variety of classic flavors as well as a boozy option.

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Creative Detail

Vinyl Record Décor

Set the scene with old school jukebox details and vinyl record decorations. Visit a local flea market to see if you can find any decorative props or shop discarded record covers from era-specific stars.

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