Beach party themed inspiration and ideas

Beach Party Theme

The most popular summer spot can also double as a fun party theme.

About the Theme

Embrace the sand and surf with a beach party. If you’re not anywhere close to being waterside, that’s okay. As long as you’ve got the main ingredients, like beach balls, sun (or cocktail) umbrellas and beach chairs, you can re-create the beach vibes. You could even use a blow-up kiddie pool as a massive cooler—fill it with ice and canned or bottled drinks.

Decorate with splashes of vibrant blues and greens and play with nautical touches like fishing net and seashells. If you have the right crowd and the right setting, a classic water balloon fight is a nice touch.

VIBE: Festive

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Venue Settings

Rooftop Bar

Take the party outside so everyone can bask in the sun.


Beach Band

Summer hits and California melodies help keep the energy high. From oldies to chart-toppers, beach bands know how to keep the party going well after the sun has set.

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Grilled Seafood Skewers

Take a note out of the beach cookout playbook and serve grilled seafood like jumbo shrimp, tuna, lobster tails and bacon-wrapped scallops.

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Piña Coladas

Complete the beach vibes with this frozen favorite—you can’t get much more beachy than rum and coconut in slushie form.

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Creative Detail

Inflatable Beach Balls

Beach balls may seem obvious, but all the same, it must be said. Have a few blown up and ready to be tossed around. If your party is poolside, throw some in the pool as extra décor.

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Creative Detail

Paper Lanterns

Light up the night with some colorful paper lanterns. If you want to make a statement, hang them en masse in one section of your party space to create an open-air canopy of sorts.

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