Coastal Social Party Theme

Take tropical vibes to the next level.

About the Theme

In the mood for a tropical party, but want to give it a fresh spin? Turn it into a coastal social. Designate a single coast as your décor anchor (think: New England east, Boho west or a far-flung tropical destination).

Make a statement with your tabletop decor by layering tropical leaves together to create a DIY runner, and stagger bud vases with different exotic florals. Add a few fruits into the mix, like coconuts, passionfruit and mangoes. Finish off the scene with large monstera leaves under each place setting.

OCCASION: Birthday Party

VIBE: Vibrant


Venue Settings


Create your own paradise within a large, homey space. Lofts often have large, open floor plans that are great for fitting in both people and decorations.



Steel Drum Player

Steel drums emulate an island sound that’s hard to compete with. The upbeat tempo and has a unique ability to relax a crowd and get them out on the dance floor.

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Exotic Fruit Bar

Treat taste buds to new fruity flavors, and some classics. Watermelon is a summer crowd pleaser, and the shell can be DIYed into a neat and polished presentation.

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Rum Runner

For a tropical coast, a rum runner is a must. This cocktail is equal parts liquor and fruit juice—so pace yourself wisely.

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Creative Detail

Flower Bar

Not only is a flower bar an opportunity for guests to mingle together, but it can lend tropical flavor to everyone’s look. Offer different DIY options like a flower crown, bracelet and boutonniere. Smaller tropical leaves can also be layered together to make a pocket square.

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