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Alice in Wonderland Party Theme

Exercise your imagination with this mad party theme.

About the Theme

Give your tea party a whimsical spin with an Alice in Wonderland theme. Require top hats for admission, use mismatched tea cup and saucer sets and teapots for flower vases, and display lots of florals—the more, the better.

There’s plenty of inspiration you can borrow from Lewis Carroll’s timeless book: Tell guests not to be late “for a very important date” on the invitations, decorate with clocks (set to the wrong time), use “drink me” and “eat me” signage on food, and have games on the ready, like chess, cards and croquet.

VIBE: Whimsical


Venue Settings


Hosting this party theme in a cafe will take a few big-ticket planning items off your to-do list, like figuring out table space, glassware and place settings. A cafe may not have the eclectic teacup and saucer lineup that best complements the Alice in Wonderland theme, but it will have most of the other necessities such as water glasses, wine glasses, salad plates and flatware.


Plate Spinner

Submerse your guests in a world of wonder with impressive entertainment like a plate spinner. Not only will this display of talent add to the whimsy, but it jives pretty well with the teacup and saucer décor too.

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Tarot Card Reader

Round out the entertainment with a performer who can give guests some one-on-one attention. Tarotology is the practice of studying cards to gain insights into the past, present or future and can address areas like romance, finance, friends and work.

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Who doesn’t love breakfast pastries? Supplement scones with other sweets like muffins and fruit tarts. For an extra tasty touch, add a variety of different spreads, like strawberry-whipped butter, clotted cream, lemon curd and marmalades.

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Signature Cocktail

Give your cocktails a fun twist by serving them in corked bottles with a “drink me” tag. If you’re hosting a brunch or afternoon luncheon and don’t want a strong cocktail vibe you can still have fun with this idea, just swap out the cocktail for an apéritif instead.

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Creative Detail

Calligraphed Signage

Calligraphy lends whimsical, artistic vibes to regular signage. Call out phrases from the book where ever you can fit them in.

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Creative Detail

Floral Arrangements

Stop by your local flea market or antique shop and pick up a few mismatched tea pots that can be used as centerpieces. Fill them with white and red roses as a nod to the Queen of Heart’s garden.

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