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Flashdance Party Theme

What a feeling!

About the Theme

Flashdance, an ‘80s classic, is an electrifying mix of rockin’ music, big hair, and newwave dance that dazzles the senses and will be sure to dazzle your guests. To celebrate this iconic movie, get your friends together and be the maniacs you are on the dance floor! The night will be made even more flashy with cassette tape décor, and neon accents—when it comes to the ‘80s, more is more.

VIBE: Retro


Venue Settings

Cocktail Bar

While you can’t recreate Mawby’s for the night, you can recreate the atmosphere of the classic Flashdance cabaret bar. The more neon the better!


'80s Band

Get the party amped up with an '80s Band to play all of the throwback hits. Whether you request “Maniac” on repeat is up to you.

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Cabaret Dancer

Cabaret dancing plays a huge role in the film, let it take center stage at your event too. Cabaret comes in all different styles, from chair routines to jazzy group numbers, so talk to a few pros to see what they’d recommend for your party theme.

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Bagel Bites

Serve a few finger foods to keep the energy up, but are also easy to eat. Bagel bites hit their prime in the ‘80s, along with meatballs and baked potato bites.

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Fuzzy Navel

Unlike the outfits of the ‘80s, this sweet drink couldn’t be simpler to make. Just two ingredients go into this cocktail: the “fuzzy” (peach schnapps) and the “navel” (orange juice).

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Creative Detail

Themed Costumes

Flashdance fashion was the epitome of ‘80s style: shoulder pads, leg warmers, leotards, baggy sweatshirts and even bigger hair were all the rage. Encourage guests to go all out in their dancewear and channel Jane Fonda in her workout videos, perm encouraged!

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