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Rock 'n' Roll Party Theme

Bust out your leather jackets.

About the Theme

The most important factor for your rock ‘n’ roll party is the decade choice. From the ‘40s to the ‘90s, this genera and the culture that surrounded it was ever-evolving. Assign a timeframe to your event to help inform the style, and more importantly, the music choice.

From the ‘40s and ‘50s rock and roll was pretty tight to its blues roots. The ‘60s saw the beginning of the “British Invasion” with The Beatles and Rolling Stones, and Elvis Presley's pop rock. The most diverse subgenres of rock came out in the ‘70s thanks to heavy metal, country rock, folk and disco. Michael Jackson was the chart topper of the ‘80s, along with AC/DC and Journey. Finally, the ‘90s was popular for alternative rock.

VIBE: Retro

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Venue Settings

Cocktail Bar

Give your party a swanky backstage feel or a VIP-only after party by hosting it in a cocktail bar.


Rock Band

There’s no way around it—a plug-and-play playlist just won’t do this party theme any justice.

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If you’re going for a ‘50s vibe, lean into diner food classics like burgers, French fries and milkshakes.

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Sidecars were one of the most popular drinks of the prohibition and kept thier top spot far past the ‘30s. They've solidified their place as a go-to brandy cocktail even into the modern cocktail age.

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Creative Detail

Vinyl Record Décor

Take a trip to your local thrift market or antique store and pick up old records or some discarded record covers.

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