Throwback Hip Hop party themed inspiration and ideas

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Throwback Hip Hop Party Theme

Bucket hats and acid wash denim are encouraged.

About the Theme

Pull party inspiration from your favorite MTV music videos, ‘90s mixtapes, boomboxes and walkmans, and of course, the old school hip hop titans: Nas, Salt-N-Pepa, Wu-Tang Clan, Dr. Dre, Jay Z, Run-DMC and so many more. Choose a decade to help guide your throwback hip hop theme, and clue guests in to all the fun by giving the invitations a Fresh Prince-style spray paint treatment. Most importantly, encourage a dress code that matches the decade.

OCCASION: 40th Birthday

VIBE: Vibrant


Venue Settings

Cocktail Bar

Cocktail bars will likely have a lounge-type area, which is likely to provide a bit more square footage and comfortable seating. (Don’t forget about all the room you’ll need to dance!)

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There’s no way to get around it: a playlist just won’t cut it for this party. A professional DJ with mobile turntables in tow not only complements the theme, but a pro can read the crowd and mix up the set list accordingly—let’s see an iPod do that.

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Dessert Bar

Stock up on the sweets. Put together a dessert table stocked with classic candies from the ‘90s: Pixie Sticks, Pop Rocks, Now & Laters, Baby Bottle Pops, ICEE Squeeze and Sweetarts.

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Gin and Juice

If gin and juice was the laid-back cocktail-of-choice for Snoop Dogg, it should do the trick.

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Creative Detail

Board Games

Throw some ‘90s tabletop board games into the mix. They’ll double as a great way to break the ice and contribute to the nostalgia factor.

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Creative Detail

Themed Costumes

Neon accessories, sideways ponytails and scrunchies, overalls, acid wash denim, velour, bucket hats—take your pick. Extra points if you can finish off your look with old school tech accessories like pagers or walkmans.

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