Interstellar party themed inspiration and ideas

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Interstellar Party Theme

Enter a glamorous galaxy far, far away.

About the Theme

This starry night soiree is all about elegance and the beauty of the night sky. Craft the right ambience with dim lighting, celestial backdrops and star-shaped uplighting. This event may be earth-bound, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pretend you’ve been launched into space for the night.

Dress this theme up for down for a casual midsummer outdoor party, or a formal wintertime cocktail party.

VIBE: Romantic

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Venue Settings


A ballroom will have enough room for a dance floor and dining tables, and since these venues host frequent events, the management will have all the know-how on the best ways to personalize the space.

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Big Band

Everything else for this event has been larger than life, so the music has to follow suit. A big band with multiple musicians and singers will keep the energy high and the dance floor packed.

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Dessert Bar

A dessert table offers a handful of fun opportunities for creative anti-gravity presentations, like hovering plates and suspended dishes.

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Legend has it, that after Dom Pérignon tasted Champagne, he exclaimed, “Come quickly, I’m tasting the stars!” We weren’t there so we can’t say for sure, but if it’s true, that makes Champagne the perfect sip.

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Creative Detail

Custom Dance Floor

The dance floor is a great (and unexpected) place to make a big impression with décor. From checkered designs to monogrammed floors, there are endless ways to personalize the look you’re after. Not to mention, this is a sneaky way to cover up carpeting that clashes with your theme.

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Creative Detail

Floral Arrangements

Add color and grandeur with asymmetrical floral arrangements. Play with different blooms, shapes and textures that make each arrangement feel unique, just like the stars in the galaxy.

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