Game of Thrones party themed inspiration and ideas

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Game of Thrones Party Theme

Throw a party that King’s Landing would be jealous of.

About the Theme

When the season premiere (or finale) of your favorite show is on the horizon, the only way to cope with the incoming tital wave of emotions is to throw a watch party. Gather your fellow fans, serve themed food and cocktails and place bets on premiere or finale predictions. This way, when the credits roll, you can all process the details together.

In our opinion, there are few shows more worthy of a big watch party than "Game of Thrones." Chári Herndon, founder of Chic Home & Styled Parties, has endless ideas for just that.

OCCASION: Watch Party

VIBE: Eclectic

Venue Settings

Private Room

A private room in a bar or restaurant can provide all the seating and tables you’ll need, and will likely have a TV that you can hook up to.

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Set the scene with live music courtesy of a cellist. String music has a way of lending those old school victorian vibes to any setting and can lend a sense of sophistication à la a royal court.

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Custom Menu

Only a custom menu is suitable enough for such an occasion. Herndon's spread, created by Chef Anna Cooper, includes Lannister Gold Potatoes, The Red Woman’s Salad, Frey Pie and Wildlings Rice.

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Signature Cocktail

Wildfire may be Cersei's weapon of choice, but it can also be crafted into a delicious signature cocktail. Give your cocktail its bright green color courtesy of melon liqueur mixed with vodka and flavored simple syrup.

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Creative Detail


To really get all the guests into the right headspace, send calligraphed invitations by raven. Or at least, as close as you can get. "I believe that your invites set the tone for your event and give your guests a little taste of what’s to come," says Herndon. For this event, a small scroll wrapped around a black raven-like feather tucked inside an envelope will do the trick.

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Creative Detail

Themed Costumes

Take your party to the next level with a little healthy competition: a costume contest! Have a few prizes for the winners to encourage participation.

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