Galentine’s ‘50 Shades of Grey’ Party Theme

Don’t worry, there’s no red room in this version.

About the Theme

Since Galentine’s Day is a twist on romance, why not pull theme inspiration from a novel that steamed up book clubs around the world? If you look past all the—err, provocative?—details in ‘50 Shades of Grey’ it’s just a story of an unlikely pair who found each other in this crazy world, right? Right. Making it the perfect narrative to source some Galentine’s Day cocktail party inspiration.

Obviously the color palette here will be a monochromatic blend of light and dark grays, but you can brighten it up with metallic accents. Send out invitations with elegant calligraphy so guests get a feel for the formality, and recommend cocktail attire.

Every party planner will tell you that a good celebration taps each of the five senses (sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch), but for this party, really up the “touch” game with luxurious fabrics and linens and weighted flatware. Lastly, don’t forget a sweet table of desserts with to-go bags for a take-home favor.

OCCASION: Galentine’s Day Cocktail Party

VIBE: Romantic


Venue Settings


If you’re planning to add a seated dinner to the cocktail agenda, opt for a space like a loft that has plenty of room to bring in a couple rental tables and a bartender.


Jazz Pianist

Live music is what separates the good parties from the great parties. Lean into something that’s idyllic, like jazz piano, that can easily transition into peppy upbeat tunes.

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Dessert Bar

What’s Galentine’s Day without dessert? Mix together a few classic crowd-pleasers to make sure there’s a little something for everyone. Cake pops, assorted chocolates, macarons and truffles are all great picks.

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Signature Cocktail

Pick a signature sip with a red or light pink hue to it, as a nod to the holiday. That could range from something super simple like a vodka cranberry, to a more elevated pomegranate martini.

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Creative Detail


If it’s possible to stretch your budget, opt for calligraphy lettering. Calligraphed invitations, place cards, cocktail and food menus, and small signage around the party space will lend a just a touch of modern romance to the ambience.

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