Whimsical Woodland Baby Shower Party Theme

This baby shower is the perfect blend between au naturale and complete class.

About the Theme

This whimsical woodland baby shower is classy, cute and full of charm. A forest green and off-white color palette will emphasize the most beautiful parts of nature. Play with textures, colors and venture into the woods to welcome baby-to-be.

Celebrate gardenside and get connected to nature. Forget about the stress of food and cater with a self-serve food station. Have guests participate in party games while a harpist plays in the background. Close out the event with some cake and adorable party favors. Keep reading for more baby shower party details and inspiration.

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Venue Settings


Book a garden space for your party and surround yourself with whimsical florals and landscapes. Most garden-like venues will have some kind of connected indoor or shaded area, such as a pavilion, where food can stay out of the sun and guests will keep cool. Consider white tables and chairs that lend emphasis to the beautiful flowers and foliage nearby.



We can all agree the harp is the most magical and elegant instrument, right? Hire a harpist to play during the party. Set the scene with relaxing background music that can lend a sense of whimsy and charm to the atmosphere.

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Self-Serve Food Station

Have guests forage through the bramble for berries and roots to emulate this woodland theme. Just kidding—the most foraging you’ll do is pick out your favorite fruits and veggies with a spread of fresh veggies, cured meats and cheeses, chips and dip and other bite-sized hors d'oeuvres. Display platters on top of faux-leafy greens (boxwoods are ideal) and wood trays.

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If you’ve got a big guest list with varying taste buds, serve a variety of different wines and bubbles. This allows for everyone to grab their vino of preference, and the stemware lends an air of elegance to the scene. Consider laying out wine glass charms that match the theme, that way guests can keep track of their glasses. (Bonus: The wine charm could double as a party favor!)

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Creative Detail

Baby Shower Games

Prepare for any late night trials and tribulations with this baby shower game. Have guests write a message on plain diapers to the parents-to-be; words of encouragement, a joke, a fun memory, anything could work. When patience is wearing thin at 4 AM when baby can’t sleep, these messages of support will come in handy.

Creative Detail


Any dessert is a crowd-pleaser, but this berry cake will charm everyone. It’s simple enough to fit in with the finger foods, but elegant enough to stand out. Play with flavors or allude to the baby’s gender with flavors like strawberry and cream or blueberry velvet.

Creative Detail

Party Favors

The most stylish thing about these party favors is how low-maintenance they are, while leaving a long-lasting impression on guests. These plants are easy to take care of, a natural alternative to plastic-wrapped goodie bags and absolutely adorable.

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