Great Gatsby party themed inspiration and ideas

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Great Gatsby Party Theme

Tap into the glitz and glam of the roaring twenties with a lavish event.

About the Theme

There is good reason why the entire city would flock to Jay Gatsby’s decadent parties at the East Egg mansion. They were, after all, the talk of the town, from the free-flowing drinks to the over-the-top entertainment.

A Great Gatsby party is a hybrid of sophistication and rebellion born out of the fabulous and flashy 1920s. And of course, it pays homage to the classic F. Scott Fitzgerald novel. The focus of this hell-raising event is nonstop dancing, extravagant entertainment and delicious (once-prohibited) cocktails.

Ready to host your own fabulous party with a Great Gatsby theme? Allow us to help you plan the most luxurious party that your guests will brag about for years to come. Follow our guide for everything you need, including venue ideas, menu items and Gatsby theme decorations. Go ahead — party on, old sport.

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Venue Settings

Cocktail Lounge

A cocktail lounge is the perfect space for hosting a Great Gatsby–themed party. Not only are these venues the best for craft cocktails (speakeasy style), they also provide plenty of dancing room—two major elements for a successful Gatsby party.


For the ultimate Gatsby-style party, reserve a spacious dance hall where your guests will have plenty of room for enjoying the entertainment, toasting cocktails and dancing the night away. The more space the better!


What better way to emulate the East Egg than by renting a mansion of your own? Search for a grandiose space with beautiful views and tons of space for mingling and dancing. Sprinkle in some lavish decorations, and you’ll have a venue that would make Jay Gatsby himself jealous.


'20s Band

You need music that will bring out everybody’s inner flapper. Travel back in time by booking a '20s band to tie the theme together. After all, you are paying tribute to the famous Jazz Age, so bring in the strings and horns and Charleston the night away.


No Gatsby-style party is complete without a bartender slinging drinks. For bonus points, see if you can find one who will dress the part (think suspenders, vests and bowties). A speakeasy-inspired bartender station will help everyone get into the spirit of things.

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Just like Jay Gatsby would, go big or go home when choosing entertainment for your guests. Period-specific entertainment such as a unicyclist can add to the ambience while they ride around the dance floor.


Just like alcohol at the time, gambling was banned in the 1920s, so there became a big underground gaming scene. Hire a few casino dealers and game tables to really give your party that retro vibe. With a few poker games, crap tables and roulette wheels, your guests will love taking Lady Luck for a spin.

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Raw Bar

Guests will feel like they’re at Gatsby’s waterfront mansion with a seafood raw bar complete with oysters, shrimp and muscles.


In the novel, F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote of Gatsby’s parties serving buffets filled with baked ham. If you want to do the story justice, hire a caterer to serve baked ham to really wow your guests.


Gatsby’s extravagant ball featured rows of hors d'oeuvres, and so should yours. Dream up some fancy finger food, such as stuffed mushrooms, smoked salmon and crudites that your guests can eat as they mingle and enjoy the entertainment.

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Champagne Tower

Put an end to prohibition with a champagne tower. This over-the-top yet glamorous detail has a double purpose: It’s a stunning décor piece and keeps the alcohol flowing.


If you want to serve Gatsby-era cocktails, consider the French 75. Named after a French gun used in WWI, this bubbly cocktail gained popularity during the 1920s. It features gin, champagne, sugar and fresh lemon juice.

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Gin Rickey Cocktails

Turn this cocktail lounge into your very own speakeasy with a signature drink. The Gin Rickey was popularized in the ’20s and consists of lime juice, club soda and, of course, gin.


Close your eyes and you can practically see Jay Gatsby moving around his party with a martini in his hand. Serve this classy drink with a side of green olives to really kick off your Great Gatsby theme.

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Creative Detail

Gatsby Theme Decorations


Supplement your florals with plumage. These large feathers were a staple in ’20s décor and adorned jazzy dance outfits and headpieces alike.


If you’re looking for the best Gatsby theme decorations, think gold. Gold balloons, gold streamers and gold confetti. The color gold is rich, lavish and flashy — just what every Gatsby party needs.


Your Great Gatsby theme needs to shine and sparkle. Decorate the ceiling with shimmering chandeliers, string up twinkly lights, pass out sparklers for your guests and set off fireworks for the grand finale. The more glitz, the better.


When it comes to Gatsby theme decorations, it’s up to your guests to deliver. On your invitations, let your guests know that this is strictly a vintage, black-tie affair. Encourage everyone to dress to the nines, whether that’s in their finest tux or a flashy flapper number. With everyone dressing the part, your theme will effortlessly come together.

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