James Bond Party Theme

Tap into the fictional world of 007.

About the Theme

The world of James Bond is one of timeless luxury: Bond orders the most expensive bottles of bubbly paired with caviar, wears custom-made suits, drives Aston Martins and is outfitted with high-tech spy gadgets. In order to throw a proper James Bond party, tasteful opulence is key. The right food, music and entertainment will come together for the perfect secret-agent-approved ambience.

VIBE: Sophisticated


Venue Settings

Cocktail Bar

When he’s not chasing down the bad guys, Bond can usually be found at a swanky cocktail spot. With the blessing of the venue, add a few framed book covers or movie posters to the shelving behind the bar. It's an unexpected spot for decor, and super low-maintenance.


Escape Artist

James Bond isn’t the only person who can Houdini his way out of a pair of handcuffs. With a live escape artist, your guests will be on the edge of their seats watching a James Bond–esque stunt play out right in front of them.

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Set the scene with enchanting piano music. A live musician can read the crowd and pick out songs accordingly, so if the classics aren’t getting people on the dance floor, some swing music will.

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Canapés are gourmet single-bite foods that usually have a cracker or bread base. Recipes are endless, from stuffed mushrooms to roasted pear bruschetta. Supplement your appetizer spread with indulgent extras, like oysters or prosciutto-wrapped peaches.

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The Vesper Martini is the original James Bond drink of choice, but people are more familiar with a good old-fashioned vodka martini—shaken, not stirred.

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Creative Detail

Black Tie Dress Code

Dressing to the nines is mandatory for pulling off a swanky 007 party. Tell everyone to attend in their finest threads—think cocktail dresses and suits.

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