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Prohibition Party Theme

Tap into the magic of the Jazz Age.

About the Theme

Bootleg, dancing music, skirting around the law—sounds like a party. The Prohibition Era took place between 1920 and 1933, also known as the roaring twenties, when the social scene was all about being young and free. Since liquor was outlawed, the entire party scene shifted into an underground culture.

Maintain an air of mystery around your party with some “hush-hush” language on your invitation—it’s supposed to be a secret. Include a door password, a code name for yourself (or whoever may be hosting) and advise on an era-appropriate dress code.

VIBE: Vintage


Venue Settings

Cocktail Bar

Even though alcohol was illegal, mixology was getting increasingly more creative. Host your event at a stylish cocktail bar or lounge that has all the bells and whistles to mix together a proper gin rickey.


'20s Band

You’ll need authentic jazz music to complement the speakeasy ambience. A live band will get everyone swinging the night away on the dance floor.

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Photo Booth

Photo booths are a stand-alone, low-maintenance entertainment moment that shouldn’t need much upkeep throughout the night. And besides, nothing breaks the ice quite like a quirky photo op between new friends. Opt for a sepia tone filter—that way images come out with an instant vintage touch.

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Finger Sandwiches

In the 1920s, tea sandwiches reached new heights. Ingredients like ricotta and fig, or pesto and egg salad were gourmet menu items.

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Sidecars were one of the most popular drinks of the ’20s and kept the top spot far past the end of the Prohibition.

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Creative Detail

Cigar Bar

Prohibition and mobsters go hand in hand. And mobsters go hand in hand with pinstripe suits and cigars. Give guests a custom cigar experience with either a cigar bar or live cigar roller.

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