Halloween Masquerade Party Theme

Celebrate with all your closest ghouls and goblins.

About the Theme

Sure, you could throw a costume party for Halloween—or you can up the ante with a masked costume party. AKA a Halloween masquerade ball! Ask guests to wear a costume that pairs well with a mask, or surprise guests entirely by keeping the mask detail a secret. Once they arrive, instruct them to pick a mask to complete their ensamble before they can enter the party. Let them in on the and supplying them yourself.

Set the scene with orange string lights, candles, fall florals, ghostly decor and faux spider webs.

VIBE: Spooky


Venue Settings


What setting would be better than a museum filled with historical items which may or may not have ghosts of their own? Ancient artifacts, bones, artwork illustrating legendary tales—don’t be surprised if something goes bump in the night.



You can’t get through a Halloween party without a little bit of magic. Hire an illusionist that can bring unbelievable feats to your holiday celebration like card and scarf tricks, and of course, the ever-popular sawing-a-participant-in-half trick.

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Sand-Witch Station

There are two food routes when it comes to Halloween cousine. There’s the ghoulish menu, which includes imitation brains and eyeballs, or the punny type with clever naming conventions. If you’re into the latter, go for a DIY Sand-Witch food station.

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Signature Cocktail

Give any cocktail a spoony spin with the right garnish. Marshmallows with chocolate chip pupils, gummy worms or a black sprinkle rim will do the trick.

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Creative Detail

Masquerade Masks

A masquerade wouldn’t be complete without masks. If the party features a sit-down dinner, set masks at each place setting (guests can swap if they want), or set up a table near the entrance with masks that people can grab on their way into the party.

Creative Detail

Pumpkin Décor

You can’t forget the pumpkins! Instead of taking the time to carve (and clean up) multiple pumpkins, go the easy DIY route with painted pumpkin centerpieces. An easy paint treatment paired with gluing small halloween accessories to the outside is easy, but still looks impressive.

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