Mardi Gras Ball Party Theme

Gala, meet Mardi Gras.

About the Theme

If your birthday falls around Mardi Gras (which can be in February or March depending on the year), why not lean into the holiday and turn it into a double celebration? Put a birthday spin on all of the classic New Orlean traditions.

Shayla Hawkins Events details exactly how that was accomplished with this birthday ball: “From the second line grand entrance, to the array of colors and ambience of the New Orleans streets, to the completely customized and unique centerpieces for each table, to the live speed paint artist, to the masked aerialists, to the taste of Bourbon Street in the food and beverage—we were celebrating in Pittsburg but you feel the soul and culture of Mardi Gras and New Orleans!”

OCCASION: Birthday; Mardi Gras

VIBE: Festive

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Venue Settings


If you’re trying to fit together a seated dinner, and a cocktail bar and a dance floor, you’ll need a versatile space. Enter: a ballroom. Plenty of room for all! If you want to distinguish different areas from each other, break up the space with different colored tablecloths.


Jazz Ensemble

Celebrate the person of honor with their own second line procession! A jazz band can bring this New Orleans tradition to life and get the entire crowd excited to dive into the festivities.

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No New Orleans celebration is complete without this savory rice dish. Make it easy for guests to enjoy by serving smaller portions as an appetizer in mini bowls.

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Signature Cocktail

No birthday celebration is complete without a customized signature sip. Personalize this drink around the birthday honoree, naming it after them, or tailor it toward the party theme, infusing New Orleans flavors into the drink.

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Creative Detail


What birthday would be complete without a cake? This towering confection is reminiscent of New Orleans architecture, topped with a metallic gold masquerade mask decal.

Creative Detail

Masquerade Masks

Hanging a curtain of masks can double as décor and a creative way to invite guests to get into character.

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