Jungle party themed inspiration and ideas

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Jungle Party Theme

Welcome to the jungle.

About the Theme

Haven’t let your inner party animal out in a while? It’s time for a jungle-themed celebration. This theme is great for a midsummer celebration, birthday party, or bachelor or bachelorette bash. The key to this party is to set the scene with lush, overgrown greenery and incorporate wild twists here and there like animal-print table covers.

If you're the ambitious DIY-type, go big with a fake waterfall: Layer two or three iridescent fringe curtains over a blue plastic tablecloth, then hang your “waterfall” in a corner with a few potted plants arranged around the base.

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Venue Settings

Rooftop Bar

The coolest party animals hang in the tallest treetops, and your party is no exception.


Green Screen Rental

Décor can only get you so far. Rent a green screen so guests can have an authentic photo op in a jungle scene.

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Exotic Fruit Bar

Pair unexpected fruits (think: dragon fruit, papaya and carambola) with common grocery store varieties like pomegranate and pineapple so guests have some familiar favorites to fall back on and something new to try.

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Jungle Juice Punch

You may remember jungle juice from your college days, but it is possible to reclaim this punch cocktail with a grown-up twist.

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Creative Detail

Tropical Greenery

The scene wouldn’t be properly set without an abundance of lush greens. You can mix and match different types of tropical leaves to incorporate a variety of textures and shades of green. Some of our favorites are split leaf philodendron, areca palm, banana leaf and fan palms.

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