Tropical party themed inspiration and ideas

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Tropical Party Theme

Create your own paradise party.

About the Theme

Embrace all things vibrant and summery for this vacation-inspired party theme. You can give your event destination-specific elements (think: Jamaica, Hawaii or the Bahamas) or pull your favorite pieces of inspiration from different far-flung regions to create your own hybrid tropical bash.

Place palm tree décor wherever you can fit it in, like motifs on stationery and palm leaf garlands. As far as suggested guest attire goes, tropical shirts are a must (and don’t forget the cocktail umbrellas).

VIBE: Upbeat

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Venue Settings

Cocktail Bar

In order to get the tropical juices flowing, you’ll want to host this event at a proper bar that has the fixings to make tropical cocktails. Fruity-sweet drinks can be overpowering when made with the wrong proportions, so play it safe and leave mixology to the professionals. A cocktail bar will also provide plenty of space for mixing and mingling.


Reggae Band

Entertain guests and help set up the Carribbean vibes with upbeat island music.

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Exotic Fruit Bar

Pair unexpected fruits (think: dragon fruit, papaya and carambola) with common grocery store varieties like pomegranate and pineapple so guests have some familiar favorites to fall back on and something new to try.

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This rum-based cocktail is a party starter. When perfectly balanced, it’s sweet, sour and strong all at the same time. Not to mention, it’s a staple for just about any seaside bar.

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Creative Detail

Tropical Greenery

Get creative with greenery to make your own sense of paradise. You can mix and match different types of palm leaves to play with textures and various shades of green. Some of our favorites are split leaf philodendron, areca palm, banana leaf and fan palms.

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