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Mad Men Party Theme

Embrace this vintage vibe for a throwback fete.

About the Theme

Tap into your inner Don Draper and embrace the social scene of the ’60s. Home entertaining surged in this era, and was not to be taken lightly. From the décor to the food and attire, presentation was expected to be top-notch. Decorate in mid-century style with bold geometric patterns and mod furniture. Scout any local antique stores for authentic ’60s pieces to help set the scene, like vintage lamps, telephones, cookbooks, newspapers and ashtrays.

VIBE: Vintage


Venue Settings


A townhouse allows you to host your event in a genuine home-like atmosphere.


Dean Martin Tribute Act

Delight your guests with a Dean Martin tribute act. If you close your eyes it will seem like the famous Rat Pack member is singing right in front of you.

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Cheese Fondue

The cheese fondue fad spread like wildfire in the ’60s. Provide fondue forks or wood skewers for guests to dip their food of choice. Fruits (apples, pears), veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, cherry tomatoes) and French or pumpernickel bread pair wonderfully with a cheesy dip.

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There’s only a few ingredients in this classic dark liquor cocktail: bourbon, bitters, an orange peel and a sugar cube. Make this Don Draper–approved cocktail that will take your guests back to the good old days.

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Creative Detail

Themed Costumes

A ’60s dress code will tie this affair together. Specify in your invitations that guests should come in costume. Look to style icon Jacqueline Kennedy for inspiration. Think muted colors, kitten heels, A-line skirts, two-button suits, fedoras and maybe even a tie clip if you’re feeling fancy.

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