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Mardi Gras Party Theme

Indulge yourself with an evening of flavorful food and soulful music.

About the Theme

Mardi Gras, a subset of Carnaval, refers to the celebration period that takes place before Lent. That’s right, the whole point of this event is to indulge and let loose. Mardi Gras can be celebrated anywhere, but New Orleans is always the epicenter of this party in the US. Don’t worry if you can’t make it to Louisiana—pay tribute to Fat Tuesday with a lively Mardi Gras theme for your next bash. At this party, there's no shortage of good music or food and the festivities run through the night.

VIBE: Festive

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Venue Settings

Cocktail Bar

Savory food, strong drinks and boisterous music are integral to this centuries-old tradition, and a cocktail bar provides room for all those things. The dark and warm atmosphere gives off the same vibe you’d find in a bar on Bourbon Street.


Jazz Band

Bring the sounds of the New Orleans streets to your party with a jazz band. The many genres and cultural influences of Mardi Gras can be heard throughout a traditional NOLA parade. A professional jazz band will emote the spirit of Mardi Gras with its percussive rhythms and big brass sounds.

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Mardi Gras would not be complete without this classic holiday treat. The beignet, deep-fried dough dusted in powdered sugar, is a customary French pastry eaten during the Carnaval season.

Beignets by ECBG Studio

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Cajun Jambalaya

Serve authentic New Orleans dishes like jambalaya. This Spanish and French fusion dish consists of meat, seafood, veggies, rice, broth and a generous amount of seasoning.

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Sazerac Cocktails

Wash down the hearty meal with a local favorite: the Sazerac cocktail. This beloved beverage is the official state drink of Louisiana.

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Creative Detail

Beaded Necklaces

It’s not Mardi Gras without beaded necklaces. Greet your guests with this parade essential in traditional holiday colors of green, purple and gold.

Creative Detail

Masquerade Masks

Celebrate like a true Louisianan with masquerade masks. Historically, masks were worn during this holiday to escape social class constraints for a day, but today it’s just a way to add mystery and intrigue to your celebration. Suggest on your invitation that guests come wearing a mask, or give them out as they arrive.

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