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PJ Party Theme

Stay up all night long, we won’t tell.

About the Theme

What is more fun than wearing pajamas to a party where you can snack on sweet treats and sip on some bubbly? Get your friends together for a grown-up version of one of the most exciting social gatherings from your childhood: a slumber party.

A PJ party doesn’t necessarily mean that the evening has to turn into an overnight stay, so don’t think that picking this theme means your host duties have to extend into the next morning. Late night or early morning viewing parties (hello, 7 a.m. royal wedding), or a New Year’s celebration fit in perfectly with a slumber party aesthetic.

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Venue Settings


This isn’t your childhood slumber party in your parent’s basement—book a space that elevates the entire experience into something luxurious and sophisticated.


Palm Reader

Have some fun with a peek into your future, courtesy of a palm reader or fortune teller. Tie in the PJ theme by asking your guests to come prepared with a recurring dream they’ve experienced, and to share it during their reading to see how it might play into their future.

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Obviously, this is a breakfast-for-dinner kind of night. Set up a doughnut bar with a mix of different flavors. (Add some fruit and parfait mixings too, just to counteract the sugar high.)

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Pop the bubbly! There are few things less indulgent than sipping on champagne in a cozy set of pajamas.

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Creative Detail

Balloon Garland

Since the foundation of this party theme is the attire, there isn’t much to do in the décor department. Instead, make a statement with one stand-out piece, like a balloon garland that can double as a photo background.

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