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Southern Tea Party Theme

Get dolled up for an afternoon of class and sophistication.


Indulge your feminine side and get all dolled up for a proper, polished Southern tea party. This theme is great for a birthday brunch, a casual afternoon soirée or a shower. Instruct your guests to dress to the nines with their best cocktail dresses or preppy formal wear, and don’t forget to encourage large-brim sun hats.

The South is all about hospitality, so the more personalization that can be weaved in, like calligraphed place cards or party favors, the better.

VIBE: Preppy

ALTERNATIVE PARTY THEMES: High Tea, Alice in Wonderland

Venue Settings


Book a garden space for your party and surround yourself with whimsical florals and landscapes. Most garden-like venues will have some kind of connected indoor or shaded area, such as a pavilion, where food can stay out of the sun and guests will keep cool. Consider white tables and chairs that lend emphasis to the beautiful flowers and foliage nearby.



A cappella groups perform voice-only musical shows. They’re upbeat, peppy and their styles can range from laid back to ultra formal, so you can find a group that perfectly blends in with your level of sophistication.

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Complete the mood with acoustic guitar. There are some guitarists that can switch between different styles like classical, light jazz, top hits or cultural, and others who specialize in one. Either way, you can’t go wrong.



Even if you’re pairing your Southern tea party with a sit-down meal, have appetizer-size bites set out as guests are arriving and mingling. Dainty finger sandwiches can be made with simple ingredients and still seem fancy, and they’re easy to eat.

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Big-batch cocktails allow for an easy serve-yourself drink station. For a Southern tea party, make a large batch of iced tea and add lemon slices into the dispenser. Allow guests to pick their poison by having a selection of different spirits that complement the tea flavor, like bourbon or flavored vodka.

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Creative Detail


If budget allows, send guests home with a favor. It’s an unexpected touch that will make their presence feel genuinely appreciated. You can thrift mismatched tea sets, or if you’re the DIY type, you can turn those teacups into a charming candle.

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