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Southwestern Party Theme

The more color, the better.

About the Theme

Make your next event a southwestern soirée. This theme makes a beautiful and vibrant statement for anniversaries, baby showers, birthday celebrations and more. Get inspired by the Sonoran desert to create the perfect laid-back, bohemian vibes this theme calls for. Blanket all the tabletops in cacti and succulents, and throw in textured pebbles and metallic accents for good measure.

VIBE: Bohemian


Venue Settings


Host at a dynamic loft that you can dress up or down according to your preference. The open space encourages a laid-back atmosphere.

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With so many regional influences behind this theme, only a live musician can pull off the right playlist, not to mention the transition between popular covers and regional sounds.

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Taco Bar

Serve up a customizable food experience with a taco bar. Guests can play with bold flavors, from mild to hot, and top their plates according to their taste. Offering toppings that cover all the bases: meats (chicken, chorizo, steak), veggies (peppers, cabbage, tomatoes), cheese, salsas and hot sauces.

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Stir up some mezcal cocktails like margaritas or palomas. Or introduce your guests to something new by swapping mezcal into a different summertime favorite, like a mezcal mule.

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Creative Detail

Cactus Décor

Place cactus arrangements and illustrations throughout the event to lend a dessert feeling to the atmosphere: by the bar, tabletops and anywhere else that can use some sprucing up, like restroom countertops. Mix in vibrant pink and orange florals for a pop of color.

Silvana Braggio Photography

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