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Travel Party Theme

The adventure starts here.

About the Theme

Get inspired by the magic of travel for your next party. This theme can be spun into a wedding shower with a “let the adventure begin” tagline, or as a farewell party for a jet-setting friend. Set up a check-in station for guests as they arrive, use assorted globes as centerpieces and deck the halls with paper airplanes. Bon voyage!

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Venue Settings

Botanical Garden

Not only are botanical gardens beautiful, but they’re brimming with exotic plant species from all over the world.

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Acoustic Guitarist

An acoustic guitarist can pull influences from different corners of the world for a diverse setlist. If you have a specific style in mind, communicate that with the muscician ahead of time so they have plenty of time to prepare. Or go the route of ambient background tunes that complement any setting.

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Green Screen Rental

With a green screen, the world is yours. Rent a green screen photo backdrop that allows guests to go from the Great Wall of China to the Great Barrier Reef in seconds. Not only does this make a for a fun ice breaker, but it doubles as a party favor.

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Regional Cuisine

You don’t have to be well-travelled to appreciate a foreign cuisine. Give guests a few tasting options from one region, or an around-the-globe presentation: Chinese potstickers, Italian caprese salad, Venezuelan empanadas, Indian samosas, and Swedish meatballs. Your tastebuds will go on an adventure with you.

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Signature Cocktail

Pick a few different regions to inspire signature sips and represent various cultures through ingredients, mixology and garnishes. Opt for a couple different spirits like tequila and vodka, or rum and whiskey.

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Creative Detail

Postcard Decor

Display a mix of postcards from around the world, or select cities in a single country if you’ve given your party a specific destination. If you’re the DIY type, you can get creative with a DIY banner (clipping cards together along string), or bind them into a guest book.

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