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White Party Theme

Create an evening of class and sophistication.

About the Theme

Popular for benefits and fundraisers, a white party is a classy affair. This party is defined by an all-white dress code in stylish black tie fashion. This monochromatic party theme can be applied to just about any occasion or holiday, from birthday parties to New Year celebrations.

VIBE: Elegant

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Venue Settings


A luxurious party theme calls for a luxurious location. These locations typically offer a stunning view and are large enough to accommodate all guests, entertainment and services.



Create a first impression that sets the scene for an amazing night by hiring a saxophonist to serenade guests as they arrive. A smooth saxophonist can set the stage for an elegant fete.

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English Cucumber Sandwiches

Serve bite-sized finger foods that align (or mostly align) with the color scheme. English tea cucumber sandwiches, a cheese and cracker presentation, deviled eggs, mini quesadillas—there are plenty of options. You can either pick a cuisine and stick to a consistent flavor, or prioritize the color coordination and mix and match different dishes.

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Wine Spritzers

White wine is an obvious choice for a white party, so instead, elevate the wine menu with a few spritzer options that have fresh garnishes (the bubbles will complement the aromatic experience of garnishes like mint or lime wheels).

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Creative Detail

Floral Arrangements

Add a feeling of opulence to your party with lush floral arrangements. For white stems, we recommend looking to hydrangeas, lisianthus, calla lilies and ranunculus.

Creative Detail

Oversized Balloons

Even though this party theme is meant to feel opulent, you don’t want it to be rigid, like being in a museum with an inside voices code of conduct. Incorporate some playful moments into your décor, like giant balloons, metallic tassels and breezy fabric drapery.

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