Winter Informal Party Theme

Just think of it as the opposite of black tie.

About the Theme

You’re formally invited to this year’s winter informal. Come dressed to rest in your best leisurewear. What’s on the menu? Pizza and hot chocolate, of course.

Switch things up this holiday season with a party that’s all about casual, low-key fun, instead of the usual sequin cocktail dresses and dapper dress shirts. If you can’t bear the thought of your favorite black tie attire sitting in the back of your closet all season, don't worry, there’s always the option for a fancy New Year’s Eve party.

OCCASION: Holiday Party

VIBE: Playful


Venue Settings


Throw this party in a space that has plenty of room for rumpus and dancing alike. After all, this celebration is meant to break you out of the winter hibernation stage and have a little fun!


Top 40 Band

This party is all about pep. Booking a live band that can play all the best top 40 hits and chart toppers will really put the celebration over the top.

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Keep the food casual, but with a twist: gourmet pizza. Go with unique flavors like caprese salad pizza, BBQ chicken, spinach-artichoke or parmesan and rosemary.

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DIY Hot Cocoa Bar

Hot chocolate is a necessity. Dress up a serve-yourself DIY station with all the fixings from marshmallows to candy canes. If you want the option for boozy hot cocoa, add a few different bottles of liquor (whiskey, peppermint schnapps and Amaretto) so people can mix their own cocktails.

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Creative Detail

Paper Snowflakes

Deck the halls with colorful snowflakes. Instead of going with the traditional white decorations, vivid colors will lend a modern, trendy vibe to the space that will differentiate this party from all the other winter-white events.

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