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Joe Gandelman Reviews

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  • Ventriloquist from San Diego, CA
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76 Reviews for Joe Gandelman

Review by William P.

Wedding ReceptionReviewed on January 29, 2022From Pleasanton, CA

Nothing was too much trouble for Joe. He jumped in with both feet and made our event one to remember. When our friends talk about the night, they gush about how good he is. We whole heartedly recommend Joe for any event and you couldn't meet a nicer guy.

Review by Dani B.

Corporate FunctionReviewed on December 10, 2021From Bakersfield, CA

Joe was absolutely fabulous! He not only entertained our staff but included us in the fun. His lip sync routine was hilarious and we were so happy to have him. We would certainly have him back again!

Review by Devorah H.

Holiday PartyReviewed on February 25, 2021From Moorpark, CA

He was fantastic! We had all ages and they all enjoyed!

Review by Chris C.

Holiday PartyReviewed on October 27, 2021From Toronto, ON

Great Spooky show. Kinds and adults were entertained throughout. Get Zoom Get Joe. Have fun.

Review by Matt H.

Birthday Party (Kids)Reviewed on March 20, 2021From Laguna Niguel, CA

Joe and his Ventriloquist Friends did an amazing job. He was so funny. The kids were able to participate with him and he went right along with their comments. After asking each of the kids which "friend" they enjoyed, each child had a different answer from the boy, the shark, the zombie, the baby, etc... They gave over 10 different answers. Joe's show was perfect for all ages. I our group it went from 3 - adults (Eldest adult would not give me their age). Thank you Joe for a fun time on zoom. Hopefully, one day we can do it in person.

Review by Patricia P.

EventReviewed on April 15, 2021From Oakdale, CT

Joe was great from the first day we requested a quote. He responded quickly via email and also called personally as we had special needs audience and he wanted to ensure us he would be able to provide a great show for them. We did book him and actually had to ask him if he would reschedule with not really any notice. He was very understanding and accommodating. The individuals in the group home along with the staff really enjoyed Joe's show. We are definitely going to schedule again in the future and am also recommending to others. It is not always easy to get our individuals to respond or interact but Joe had them laughing, vocalizing, and shaking their maraca!!

Review by Yeruchem E.

Holiday PartyReviewed on April 1, 2021From Carlsbad, CA

Every step of the way dealing with Joe was a true pleasure! He is extremely entertaining, as both the children (this was a show for mostly toddlers) AND their parents were delighted. I watched the faces of the children. They were enthralled, and their parents were overjoyed to see their kids so wholesomely entertained. Joe made the process easy and pleasant -- from booking to payment. I proudly offer Joe the highest possible recommendation!

Review by Ophir A.

School AssemblyReviewed on June 3, 2020From Bronx, NY

Joe was great! Everything about the show was fantastic. The kids and families were very engaged and entertained. Joe kept everyone involved and encouraged kids to participate. The characters kept coming out of his sleeve. He’s super friendly and reaches out to the kids in so many ways. You couldn’t tell it was a virtual show based on the kids’ reaction. At the end of the show he even taught the kids some secrets of the profession! Highly recommended!

Review by Karina R.

School AssemblyReviewed on March 18, 2021From New York City, NY

We love Joe Gandelman and friends show from beginning to end. Joe kept the kids entertained the whole time. He was hilarious and kept us laughing the whole show. Highly recommend it!

Review by Courtney M.

Birthday Party (Kids)Reviewed on February 13, 2021From San Francisco, CA

Joe was terrific! He entertained 23 nine year old and their parents for a solid hour on Zoom. My son was in stiches-which was the goal. Beautiful and fun puppets entertained all. Joe's sense of humor, patience, and tutorial on how to do it ourselves took it over the top.

Joe Gandelman:

And THANK YOU. The kids were wonderful and I can tell your son has a great sense of humor (he laughed at all my jokes).

Review by Anachem K.

Community EventReviewed on February 26, 2021From Los Angeles, CA

Great show! Kids really enjoyed it!! Thank you!!

Joe Gandelman:

Thank you SO MUCH for giving me the honor of doing your show for your GREAT group of kids (and adults).

Review by Nhadya S.

School AssemblyReviewed on September 14, 2020From Yulee, FL

Joe has done an excellent job with our summer virtual camp and now our virtual after school program, Dash Camp Afterschool. Joe's show is definitely a fan favorite.In addition to his awesome show, Joe has been very accommodating, honoring any requests we may have, and providing awesome feedback on how to make the overall experience better for our campers. Joe is a huge team player, a great talent and his show is just so fun!! Both kids and adults are guaranteed to laugh a lot during his show. I highly recommend Joe for virtual or in person shows. Huge thanks for everything Joe! -Dash Camp Afterschool Team

Review by Lindsay P.

Birthday Party (Kids)Reviewed on August 29, 2020From Hinesburg, VT

My son and his friends loved Joe Gandelman’s performance ... it was wonderful seeing them happy and laughing throughout... would recommend him to anyone who wants to have a great time!

Review by kwan k.

Birthday Party (Kids)Reviewed on April 12, 2020From San Diego, CA

When you're stuck at home and there's social distancing rules in your state, you have very limited options on activities for your kid's birthday. Enter Joe Gandelman's virtual puppet show! My daughter, her friends, and all the parents were very entertained with Joe's comedy and his ventriloquy skills. He communicated very well on what to expect during the show and showed up early on Zoom to do a quick sound/video check to reduce any hiccups. Highly recommend Joe Gandelman for virtual shows to add some smiles and laughter during these times.

Review by Dovid L.

Community EventReviewed on May 1, 2020From Redondo Beach, CA

He was great - exactly what we were looking for! kids and parents greatly enjoyed!

Joe Gandelman:

Thank you SO MUCH for inviting "us" to do our VIRTUAL SHOW with the more than 20 families!! It was an honor of being part of your event! Zoom as usually worked fine for a show and I'm now working on learning how to use another platform which is better for future shows (Zoom will also be available as an option).

Review by patricia v.

Corporate FunctionReviewed on December 15, 2017From Anaheim, CA

He was great.!!!Hit all the punch lines for the key officials and catch phrases. Love the audience participation and play acting. We will definitely have Joe come again to entertain us. We will also suggest him to friends and families for their special events. Thank you Patricia Lacy Construction

Review by Devra .

Bar MitzvahReviewed on November 17, 2019From Moorpark, CA

Joe is an excellent and entertaining ventriloquist! He keeps the audiesnce engaged and goes out of his way to make sure everyone has a great time! I highly recommend him!

Review by April S.

School AssemblyReviewed on June 6, 2019From Carlsbad, CA

He is great. The children and staff really enjoy having him every year. He treats the kids with respect and has patience with them as he teaches them how to perform. He gives every child a turn if he can. Thank you

Review by Marc P.

Birthday Party (Adult)Reviewed on March 29, 2019From La Jolla, CA

Joe is a great entertainer, and his show is excellent for the kids as well as adults. He has a wide variety of puppets, so the show is fast moving and fun. I had my grandkids for a birthday party, and they loved Joes show.Hire Joe and maKE any party a hit=good wholesome entertainment for people of all ages. check his videos on youtube.

Review by Peg K.

Community EventReviewed on December 4, 2019From Encinitas, CA

He appeals to both kids and adults.

Review by Marian G.

Community EventReviewed on November 9, 2019From Encinitas, CA

Joe gave the perfect performance to an audience that ranged from 2 years old through 6th grade. He was engaging and got the kids involved in the performance. The kids loved hIs cast of characters. He taught them some secrets on ventriloquism and let them join him on stage. I highly recommend him to entertain at your event. He offers good, clean,wholesome fun! Thanks Joe! #gandypro, #joegandelman

Review by Frankie B.

Community EventReviewed on September 10, 2017From Los Angeles, CA

We found Joe to be great with the kids, his variety of puppets and reparte was well received.We would definatly hire Joe again for our next party.

Review by Hamza S.

Birthday Party (Kids)Reviewed on January 26, 2019From San Diego, CA

Excellent with kids, we had around 30 kids and some of the kids were being a bit roudy. But joe handled them real well and kept entertaining all. He is extremely nice and polite and a real pleasure to deal with .

Joe Gandelman:

Many thanks for inviting me to your wonderful party. You son is funny and talented and should get in some school plays!

Review by Allison r.

Birthday Party (Kids)Reviewed on June 16, 2018From Mission Hills, CA

Joe had so many puppets! The kids were entertained the entire time. My son was treated so special by Joe. He was made the center of attention ! The kids were so excited to get to try out the puppet and learn how to do what he does. My 8 year old son told me his party was “fantastic!” We couldn’t be happier with the entire performance!

Review by Gina D.

Birthday Party (Adult)Reviewed on June 13, 2015From Chino Hills, CA

Joe came very early and performed right on time. Both kids and adults enjoyed the show. It was so funny that everyone cannot stop laughing. He made my birthday party enjoyable and entertaining. I received compliments from everyone. Joe, you rock! Ooh Rah!!!