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77 Reviews for Joe Gandelman

Review by Monique D.

Birthday Party (Kids)Reviewed on March 14, 2009From Irvine, CA

We had a party for almost 20 kindergartners and I wasn't sure if they would be able to sit still for an hour long performance. However, Joe really held their attention, made them laugh and even taught them a few things! Joe was easy to work with, professional and talented. I would recommend him for your next event.

Review by Hazel W.

Birthday Party (Kids)Reviewed on March 29, 2009From San Diego, CA

Review by Leah G.

School AssemblyReviewed on June 23, 2009From North Hollywood, CA

We had Joe come in for a performance in our summer camp, the kids were on their feet throughout the show! The counselors were even laughing! I can say that this hour was a quite short one! I highly recommend Joe!

Review by Wanda O.

Birthday Party (Kids)Reviewed on December 5, 2009From Escondido, CA

Joe was amazing, I really didn't know what to expect and with kindergarteners you never know, it can be hit or miss. The party was for my 6 year old with younger kids, teens to grandparents he had everyone laughing, the kids were glued to their seats fully interested in his show and with the many puppet friends he had, the kids were very responsive and excited to see what he was bringing out next. Joe's interaction and patience with the kids was great and at the end, showing and teaching the kids how ventriloquism works wow, he is vantastic. Joe helped make my daughters party a great success. Thank you Joe. Wanda, Escondido, CA

Review by Steve J.

School AssemblyReviewed on June 10, 2009From Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Review by Jose M.

School AssemblyReviewed on June 29, 2009From San Diego, CA

Joe was great. He really knew how to relate to the kids and to our community. We had a large age range and all had great laughs. Thanks!

Review by Melanie R.

Hanukkah CelebrationReviewed on December 2, 2010From La Jolla, CA

I was a little panicked when I hadn't heard from him after signing a contract a few weeks before the event. I sent a few e-mails to find out his set up needs and confirm everything, and after leaving a few messages he returned my call the morning of it. At first he seemed a little disorganized w/ his puppets & kept leaving the stage to go get the next one, when I could have put a table nearby or something (this could have been communicated beforehand, thus my e-mails asking for set up needed ahead of time). Overall, the seniors enjoyed his performance and especially that he talked about ventriloquists of "their time". Despite all of this, I would still recommend him.

Joe Gandelman:

I offered to do this show for the Jewish Center at a discount which I was happy to do. This was show was in fact confirmed SEVERAL times via email, contract, my getting a deposit and an email thanking this client when I got the deposit. I told her "We're all set!" by email and got a response. She apparently sent me another email (after this had been contracted, confirmed and RECONFIRMED again) that I never got. 24 hours before the show my phones in my condo were totally OUT and my internet was totally disconnected since my condo is being sold and it was ripped apart. Once back online, the day of the show, I called her immediately and explained what happened and sa

Review by Roy M.

Club EventReviewed on January 22, 2011From Fallbrook, CA

Joe was very accomodating and went out of his way to cater the show to the group. A real pleasure to wortk with and would highly recommend.

Review by Maria P.

Christmas PartyReviewed on December 10, 2009From Van Nuys, CA

The show was a little slow at the biggining but the end was the BEST. Joe had everyone laughing!

Review by Arnie K.

Birthday Party (Adult)Reviewed on June 11, 2011From La Jolla, CA

Joe was put in a very difficult situation and he did as well as could be expected. it's hard for me to judge his performance as the schedule ended up being pushed back over an hour from his original performance time. Joe was very sweet and accommodating, but by the time he got on stage people were exhausted and ready to not Joe's fault. He really did try the best he could.

Joe Gandelman:

The biggest problem gig in 20 years: I was put on at 10:15 not the slated 8:30.The audience didn't think the custom puppet I was given taht supposedly looked like the guest of honor looked like him. Info given by wife for customized jokes that I paid a pro comedy writer $150 to work with me on were TOO inside so only she and husband knew the inside joke. A story I will tell for year.

Review by Darmia M.

Birthday Party (Kids)Reviewed on June 23, 2012From Pasadena, CA

Joe did a excellent job interacting with each child according to the children likes. He adapted to the environment very well. I would recommend Joe to friends and family. My adult friends enjoyed him just as much as my daughters friends. 5 Stars from me. Excellent!!!!!

Review by Rabbi H.

Hanukkah CelebrationReviewed on December 9, 2012From San Diego, CA

Joe came on time. He brought all the necessary equipment and handled the show on a limited stage. He was funny and entertaining, especially for the children 3-12. The best part was how he allowed each child to go up with him and he taught them some of the tricks of ventrilloquism.

Review by Joe P.

FundraiserReviewed on May 4, 2013From Hemet, CA

Review by Sarah B.

Holiday PartyReviewed on December 13, 2012From San Diego, CA

Review by Rosemary R.

Private PartyReviewed on November 29, 2013From San Diego, CA

Joe contacted me immediately to make specific arrangements. He arrived on time and was very competent. The children and adults enjoyed his show, especially at the end when he showed how his puppets work.

Review by Jooyeon K.

Church ServiceReviewed on June 20, 2013From San Diego, CA

Review by Jennifer O.

Private PartyReviewed on July 5, 2014From Mission Viejo, CA

Joe was very easy to work with. He understood the nature of our group and the need to be flexible. The kids loved him and his "friends"...I personally didn't get to much of the show, but I heard all good reviews.

Review by Fran M.

Birthday Party (Kids)Reviewed on November 26, 2017From San Diego, CA

Joe was truly great and very professional. He was prompt and courteous and did a great show.

Review by Nikki L.

Birthday Party (Kids)Reviewed on September 16, 2017From Carlsbad, CA

Me joe was very professional. The children likes him a lot and they had a very good time . He's very accommodating and patient with children request.

Review by Barbara H.

Christmas PartyReviewed on December 24, 2017From Highland, CA

Joe arrived early to set up. The children and adults enjoyed his performance. He is great with children.

Review by Dana K.

Corporate FunctionReviewed on December 22, 2017From Los Angeles, CA

He was very accommodating.

Review by Renny T.

Birthday Party (Adult)Reviewed on February 15, 2018From Palm Desert, CA

very personable and professional --- wish he has in introduced FEWER characters and spent more time with these puppets. overall very enjoyable

Review by Azuree S.

School AssemblyReviewed on June 29, 2018From Long Beach, CA

Review by Gladys C.

Christmas PartyReviewed on December 15, 2018From Saint George, UT

The show started out slowly. It took.awhile to get going. Would recommend that puppets be brought from off stage by a person and introduced rather than picked up out of cases. Alot of childish jokes. Get the audience involved early in the show. Really enjoyed old man. But spend more time with some of the characters. Liked that Joe mingled with audience before show. There was not alot of positive feedback from our group on overall presentation.

Review by Vickie S.

Club EventReviewed on March 2, 2019From Huntington Beach, CA

Joe was very focused on his time right down to the minute. Repeated Congratulations to the Bingo time is fine but not from every character. Would have liked more dialog with each character & less characters. I did not feel we were being entertained. We did not request anything special so above question is non-applicable. He's a nice guy, but looking for much more.

Joe Gandelman:

Am very surprised due to the large number of laughs throughout the show and the many people who came up to me after the show, or even commented as they came up as volunteers who said they loved the show. A batch of people asked for my business cards. I do advertise that I use a big cast of characters but may consolidate one or two.