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Atlanta Wedding Entertainment Costs

Chelsea Pellegrino


It's important to have great entertainment at your wedding - you know that much. But what you might not know is how much to spend on that entertainment. If you haven't planned a wedding before, creating a budget and knowing what to expect can be quite a challenge. We're here to help!

Regional Wedding Cost Series: Atlanta, Georgia

We've created the Regional Wedding Cost series, in hopes that it can provide you with a better understanding of what wedding entertainment is popular in your area, and how much is typically spent for quality vendors. Please do keep in mind that these numbers are averages, and the range between highest and lowest costs can vary.


Average Cost of a U.S. Wedding in 2012: $25,656

Average Cost of an Atlanta Wedding: $25,207

Average Number of Guests: 141

Source: The Wedding Report for 2012.

Top Entertainers in the Atlanta Metro Area

GigMasters has booked over 65,000 weddings all over the country, with many in the Atlanta area. Below is a list of our top 5 entertainment categories booked for Atlanta area weddings, with the average cost for each:

  • Soloist (i.e. Guitarist, Violinist, Bagpiper): $418
  • DJ$537
  • Variety Act (i.e. Belly Dancer, Caricaturist): $162

Below we have provided a list of our most popular entertainers in the top five most booked categories in Atlanta. Each of these performers have a 5-Star Rating, have been booked for many gigs and have tons of great client reviews. To find more great entertainers in your area, browse GigMasters – you'll be sure to find an entertainer that meets your style and budget!



DAVID PAYTON: Singer/Guitarist/One-Man-Band

107 Verified Bookings

A Best of 2012 Award Winner and Gold Member, David uses his acoustic sounds to provide music for a relaxing cocktail event or rockin' reception!



153 Verified Bookings

Add some southern charm to your event with Drivetrain! Their style covers a wide range of music, from today's top hits to past decade favorites.


altDJ Chuck Walls | PerfectSound Ent.

96 Verified Bookings

When your party needs a professional, you need DJ Chuck! This "Best of 2012" award winner and Gold Member has been with GigMasters since 2006.


alt The Armonico String Ensemble

20 Verified Bookings

A classical mix of violin, cello, viola and vocals will make this ensemble an elegant addition to your wedding!



43 Verified Bookings

With swords, fire, or even a snake (!), this "Best of 2012" award winner can bring a fun atmosphere to your special day.

About GigMasters

We connect couples with the perfect entertainment and vendors for their wedding day – everything from DJs and bands to photo booths and limousines. If you’d like help building your wedding budget, just give us a call! We would be more than happy to provide some more information on actual Atlanta weddings.