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Saint Patrick’s Day: Throw the Most Epic Party Ever

Terri Zimmer


It’s almost Saint Patrick’s Day – the day we celebrate all things Irish by wearing green and drinking ourselves silly. But your St. Paddy’s day party can be so much more! Make it EPIC by hiring Irish entertainment. These 15 ideas and entertainers are must-haves, but even hiring one or two will make your bash the Best St. Patrick’s Day…EVER!

10 Ways to Make Your Saint Patrick's Day Party Epic

1. Irish Band

Irish bands play Irish music – a must-have for St. Patrick’s day. It’s amazing how fast the audience starts to sing along…even when they barely know the lyrics.


Photo Credit: GigMasters Member Green Ashes

2. Celtic Band

GigMasters has a wide variety of bands within the Celtic genre. You can hire a trio to play some mellow background music like The Irish Minstrels, or you can rock hard with a band like the Ugly Jamesons. 

3. Bartender

Do I really need to explain this one?

4. Irish Dancers

Move over Lord of the Dance! GigMasters has some of the most amazing Irish Dancers. You’ll be amazed at their truly fancy footwork.


Photo Credit: GigMasters Member NY Irish Dance Company

5. Irish Singer

An Irish singer is often a one man band – a guy or gal and an instrument. But one voice can be powerful! They will have your whole party singing traditional Irish songs together in no time.

6. Celtic Bagpiper

There is nothing quite as impressive as hearing a actual, talented bagpiper in real life. Unforgettable.

Photo Credit: GigMasters Member J. Stephen Sanders

7. Photo Booth

Nothing mixes with lots of beer quite like a photo booth…better wait to post those on Facebook.

8. Celtic Harp

If you’re going for a civilized affair, Celtic Harpist can bring your party an element of sophistication.

9. Celtic Fiddler

Again, the music of a Celtic Fiddler can be quite and lovely or loud and raucous. Pick your party style and fiddle away!

10. Snake Charmer

Yes, it’s a myth that Saint Patrick ran all the snakes out of Ireland…but he probably didn’t rock any shamrock-shaped sunglasses either. Have fun with it.

Photo Credits for Image at Top (clockwise from left): Laura Cole of Cloud Nine Harp, Bagpiper J. Stephen Sanders, Celtic Duo Celtic Law, Irish Echos Dancers  
Additional Photos in Featured Images: Wild Irish Gerry, Potchen Celtc Band

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