20 Baseball Themed Party Ideas for a Grand Slam Gathering

These baseball party ideas won't strike out.

Lauren Miolene


Photo credit: Pixabay/pexels.com

Step up to the plate and start planning the ultimate baseball themed party for Opening Day this spring! Baseball season kicks off on March 28th, so now’s the time to get planning your next special event. Since baseball is America’s favorite pastime, you can also plan a baseball themed birthday party, happy hour, or other milestone celebration no matter what time of year it is.

To successfully host a baseball theme party, you’ll need classic ball game food, exciting entertainment, and decor to help set the tone. Luckily, we’re huge baseball fans here at The Bash, so we’ve covered all of our party planning bases with a list of unique ideas so you can hit it out of the park.

Batter up! Here's everything you need for a baseball themed party:


baseball themed party - DJPhoto: Gabby Tenda/Pexels.com

Going out to a ball game is an experience, so bring the party atmosphere to your celebration with the help of a lively DJ. Work with the DJ to curate the perfect playlist that includes your favorite player’s walk up songs like “Hello” for Aaron Judge, “For The Streets” for Corey Seager, and “Focused” for Mookie Betts.

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Hot Dog Bar

baseball themed party - hot dog barPhoto: LightField Studios/shutterstock.com

Hot dogs are mandatory for a baseball theme party, we don’t make the rules! Make sure to have plenty of dog and rolls with all of the classic fixings. Set up a hot dog bar so guests can dress theirs in relish, chili, mustard, and other delicious toppings. Don’t forget to include french fries too!

Pro Tip: To offer more of a variety and other baseball party theme food during the bash, consider booking food trucks for more options.

Baseball Balloons

baseball themed party - baseball balloons

This DIY decor idea is the perfect detail for your baseball themed party. All you’ll need are white balloons and a red marker. You probably know where we’re going with this, but simply inflate plenty of white balloons and draw the signature red baseball laces. Combine these in a pattern with your team's color for a simple and affordable baseball themed party idea. Check out how Seeing Sunshine decorated balloons for a baseball themed gender reveal party.

Cracker Jacks

baseball themed party - Cracker JacksPhoto: Robert Hale/shuttersock.com

This sweet and salty popcorn snack is a quintessential part of the baseball game experience that will bring serious nostalgia. Serve this snack in the classic red and white popcorn cups or you can even give out little bags as a fun party favor.

Photo Booth

baseball themed party - photo boothVendor: 321 Photo Booth (Handmade Props) 

Capture the memories of the baseball theme party with a photo booth to match. Use a baseball diamond or a filled stadium as a backdrop and have plenty of themed props like foam fingers, baseball bats, and jerseys for your favorite team. Start your search for a local photo booth on The Bash.

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Chalkboard Scoreboard

baseball themed party - chalkboardPhoto: Gecko Studio/shutterstock.com

For a nostalgic touch to the celebration, use a black chalkboard to showcase the baseball party theme food menu, schedule, or the current score of the game you're watching.


baseball themed party - caricaturistVendor: The Caricature Entertainment

Step up to the plate (or seat, in this case) to get your caricature drawn at the baseball themed party! Book a talented caricature artist to recreate cartoon versions of guests wearing their favorite team’s hat or jersey. Afterall, who doesn’t love getting a caricature?

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baseball themed party - nachosPhoto: Brent Hofacker/shutterstock.com

Nachos are another ball game classic that make the perfect snack option for baseball themed party food. Easily make nachos using corn chips, hot gooey cheese sauce, and your choice of ground meat. Get fancy with the other toppings by using jalapenos, tomatoes, or even pulled pork.

Face Painter

baseball themed party - face paintVendor: Houstons Best Face Painting And Balloon Art 

Get into the baseball spirit with exciting entertainment for both the kids and adults in attendance. Book a face painter to create custom artwork like logos, mascots, and other colorful creations that will make for fun photo opportunities. If face painting isn’t your thing, you can always take part in the activity by going with the classic eye black.

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baseball themed party - beerPhoto: Viiviien/shutterstock.com

Beer and baseball go hand and hand, so make sure to serve a variety during the baseball themed party. Include all of the favorites like lagers, IPAs, and sours so there’s something for everyone.

Baseball Jerseys

baseball themed party - jerseysPhoto: Lopolo/shutterstock.com

The dress code for this baseball theme party is sporty casual, so invite guests to wear a baseball jersey for their favorite team. If guests don’t have a jersey of their own, you can always get a bunch of plain white tees and iron-on decals for people to make their own during the party.


baseball themed party - bartenderPhoto: Ketut Subiyanto/Pexels.com

Take the baseball themed party to the next level by booking a bartender to mix up delicious cocktails for guests to enjoy. Work with them to curate a menu with the baseball classics like margaritas and bloody marys, or you can even come up with unique cocktails like Grand Slam Lemonade or Pitcher Punch.

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baseball themed party - lemonadePhoto: tab62/shutterstock.com

Something about fresh squeezed lemonade screams baseball. If you’re looking for more baseball party themed food and drinks, mix up a big batch of lemonade for guests to quench their thirst.

Costumed Characters

baseball themed party - costumed charactersPhoto: oneinchpunch/shutterstock.com

All sporting events have a mascot there to hype up the crowd, so bring the excitement to your baseball themed party with your very own. Browse The Bash to find local costumed characters of different mascots, animals, and other special guests to make it feel like your in the actual stadium.

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Soft Pretzels

baseball themed party - soft pretzelsPhoto: VDB Photos/shutterstock.com

One of the most popular concession stand items that will be perfect for baseball party themed food is soft pretzels! Serve up these salty treats with cheese sauce, cinnamon sugar, or other creative toppings. If you want the full stadium experience, consider booking food carts for that true concession stand feel. Choose from ice cream, cotton candy, and much more.

Baseball Cap Decorating

baseball themed party - baseball cap decoratingPhoto: Alina Rosanova/shutterstock.com

Spring is the perfect time to rock a baseball cap to keep the sun out of your eyes, so incorporate that into baseball themed party activities. At this celebration, include a DIY baseball cap decoration station where guests can pin, glue, or even draw on their own cap. This doubles as a party activity and a party favor—talk about a double play!

Game of Catch

baseball themed party - game of catchPhoto: Steshka Willems/Pexels.com

Keep everyone occupied during the baseball themed party by having baseballs and gloves around for people to play catch. This is a simple party activity everyone will enjoy, plus, you probably already have balls and gloves at home. If this is a kid’s baseball theme party, you can always use a Wiffle Ball and bat instead.

Stilt Walkers

baseball themed party - stilt walkersPhoto: David Tadevosian/shutterstock.com

Professional baseball games typically have entertainment between innings, so your baseball theme party will need just that. Book fun, bold, and exciting entertainment like stilt walkers to perform and wow guests throughout the event. This baseball theme party idea is sure to be a hit!

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Baseball Cake

baseball themed party - baseball cakePhoto: LSAT4848/shutterstock.com

If this is a baseball themed birthday party, you’ll need a baseball cake for the guest of honor. Easily decorate a round cake with vanilla frosting and red icing to replicate a baseball—that’s it! If you’d rather serve a smaller dessert for a baseball themed party food, individual cupcakes can be decorated the same way.

Baseball Broadcast

baseball themed party - baseball broadcastPhoto: SeventyFour/shutterstock.com

If there are games on the day of your baseball themed party, you’ll obviously want to have a watch party. If you’d rather add to the ambiance rather than watch a game, you can always stream “The Sandlot,” “A League of Their Own,” or “Field of Dreams” to stick with the baseball theme. You could even book an outdoor movie screen to enjoy the beautiful spring weather.

Find more inspiration and ideas for your next event here on The Bash.

Published on 3/7/2024